Shopping Bag Fabrics - Find The Reusable And Recyclable Ones March 1, 2022 08:00

Have you purchased recycled bags wholesale at a very low price? It proves your consciousness about environmental pollution. Several consumers and retailers have started investing in these bag fabrics. The eco-friendly custom bags look fashionable and match your taste. Thus, you can replace your plastic bags with the fabric bags. However, which fabrics are recyclable and protect the environment?

You will find a range of choices while looking for totes and grocery bags.

Cotton bags-                 

There are several variations of cotton bags. Organic cotton is the safest choice, as no pesticides are used for its cultivation. It maintains global standards, and thus, several bag manufacturers use it for designing bags.

Organic cotton scrap can be easily spun into new yarn. Generally, the production of cotton involves the natural raw fibre. However, cultivators may use chemicals in growing this cotton. You can find a difference in weights of cotton. For instance, the weight of cotton canvas recyclable bags ranges from 10oz to 12oz. There are also low-priced bags of 5 to 8oz. While comparing similar bags, you need to know the weights.

Recycled Bags Wholesale

As cotton is easily recyclable, several manufacturers use it for designing promotional tote bags Australia. There are some other advantages of using cotton bags-

  • Strong and durable
  • Soft and smooth to the touch
  • Machine washable
  • Air drying is safe for reducing the shrinkage and preserving the prints
  • It is easy to customise cotton-made recycled bags with logo

A few limitations of the cotton bags- 

  • Cotton is not moisture resistant (chemically treated ones are resistant to moisture).
  • As a crop, cotton consumes a high amount of water.
  • Non-organic cotton has a contact with pesticides
  • Bags made of 100% cotton can wrinkle and shrink 

Hemp bags-

Hemp does not need fertilizers and pesticides for its growth. It is also capable of enduring drought. Moreover, hemp fibres are stronger and longer than other natural fibres. That is why several bag designers have chosen these fibres for their growth.

Check the pros of using hemp fibres for bags-

  • Rot-resistant fibres with high sturdiness
  • Grown easily with a little amount of water
  • Can be blended with some other materials to create high-end fabrics
  • Like cotton, refined hemp is smooth to touch. 

What are the cons of hemp?

  • Slightly costlier
  • May be grainy
  • Refined hemp needs a high amount of water.

Still, you can choose hemp to buy recycled shopping bags custom.


The natural plant fibre, jute, is also referred to as burlap.

Pros of using the jute shopping bags-

  • Natural and renewable resource
  • Being compostable and biodegradable, jute does not cause pollution to the environment
  • Jute bags are highly durable
  • Jute thrives best in high rainfall regions, and they need no minimal to no pesticides
  • Bag manufacturers can blend jute with other fabrics, including nonwoven polypropylene.

There are few demerits of using jute bags-

  • As jute is not moisture-resistant, manufacturers treat it with chemicals.
  • Jute bag’s surface is grainy.
  • You will get very limited options while printing your jute bags. For instance, you can print bold objects and fine lines.


Although it is a type of plastic, it is reusable. Nonwoven polypropylene grocery bags are eco-friendly and are available at an affordable rate. However, while buying the nonwoven PP bags, you can check the GSM. The higher GSM indicates the stronger material. There is also a correlation between fabric density and the bag’s durability. Moreover, you can find woven PP bags in the market.

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Polypropylene is advantageous because of its

  • Recyclability
  • High strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Less porosity 

Polypropylene bags are easy to clean, and you can easily customise them. For instance, lamination with a matte finish and screen printing are major options available for you. 

A few cons of polypropylene

  • Not biodegradable
  • Non-renewable resource
  • PP bags are not machine washable
  • Special inks needed for creating thick lines 

You can choose any of these fabrics to buy eco-friendly bags. While buying eco-friendly items, you may have come across the terms- recyclable and reusable. Do not confuse these terms.

Recycling is a way of converting an item into new raw materials to create another product. The process consumes some energy. But, reusing is the way of using the object for a different purpose without special treatment.

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