Screen Printing: What Is It And How It Helps In Customization Of Products February 26, 2021 08:00

The product customization trend is not something new in this modern world. Nowadays, businesses in different niches use personalized products as the promotional gifts for their customers. They print their brand logos and business details on the chosen products and offer these customized items to potential customers. For instance, as a corporate owner, you can buy burlap bags Australia and personalize them with your brand name. There are various ways of product customization and the respective industry is coming up with new ways every day to offer greater value to their customers and clients. Screen printing is one such ways which is very popular these days. Especially for products like promotional bags, embroidery and screen printing is one of the choicest methods.

But what is the best way of printing your burlap bags, shopping bags or other fabrics? The screen-printing technique seems the best and has gained a high popularity in the recent years.

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Know the basics of screen printing-

Screen printing is an innovative printing technique, which uses a screen mask (plate) and a screen mesh. This screen mesh is something woven with metal and polyester fibres. Screen printing refers to the stencil printing process where we have to pass ink through the screen mask’s mesh and print on the chosen objects.

Most of the businesses use the screen-printing process to customise wholesale bags, t-shirts, and several other items. However, this printing technique is effective to apply the print on any object, like electronic devices.

You can print graphics on your chosen object by using thick ink. The thick ink, applied for the screen printing technology, is soft to touch. Moreover, you can choose any colour to customise your bags and other objects. But, there are rules to add colours properly.

Screen printing technique for product customisations-

Screen printing is a lengthy process that comprises of different steps to provide you with the final printed product. To customise medium burlap bags and other objects, you can rely on this technology.

Create a design-

The first step is to print out the desired design on a transparent acetate film. This film is useful for creating the stencil.

Prepare the screen-

We need to use a special screen for printing the design. It is important to find the right mesh screen to analyse the complicated design. Moreover, the material on which we have to print the design also needs assessment. After choosing the mesh, it is coated with light-reactive emulsion.

Managing the emulsion-

The acetate film, holding the design, should be on the emulsion-treated mesh screen. The presence of bright light makes the emulsion hardened. It is one of the steps for making a design imprint. However, the choice of multiple colours can make the process more complicated, as every stencil needs proper treatment based on colours.

Create the stencil-

In this step, the stencil has to contact the light before hardening the emulsion. The screen needs proper positioning, and the quality printer needs to make manual adjustments to ensure precise imprints.

Preparing for the print-

The fabric that you need to print is placed on a printing press. The screen positioned properly is ready for the printing process.

Printing the object-

It is the final step to get screen printed burlap bags. By lowering down the screen onto the board, the thick film of ink is applied on the screen.

Screen Printed Burlap Bags

Benefits of screen printing

This method of customization is an evolution over the previous methods adding multiple benefits and superiority in quality. This allows easy and quick printing of products in bulk and is a machine-driven process for quick results. Not only this, the prints that come out through this process is more durable, intact and better in look. The final finishing looks great exposing the sophistication of style in a very professional manner. Also, the prints don’t come out of the fabric and stays on the material for too long. If you get your promotional products printed with this technique, rest assured that your logo or text would remain on the fabric for a longer period of time giving exposure to your brand in a long run.

You can also go for multiple color blends in the printing method to get a richer look. Combining various colors while printing any fabric gets quite easier with this technique. Not only this, it is also affordable for you and you can easily opt for this method for printing any amount of product. Many suppliers of promotional products often offer this as a complementary service when you buy your products from them.

If you are planning your next business event or wish to have a free giveaway for your customers, then buy small or medium burlap bag at wholesale price and get them screen-printed with your logo. Get the best price on your order along with doorstep delivery.