Reusable Non-Woven Bags: Everything You Should Know July 24, 2020 08:00

Due to the increasing environmental concerns all over the world, most of the countries have started limiting the use of plastic bags. The environment-conscious people always look for the eco-friendly solutions for different purposes. Plastic bags, thrown away as wastes, can cause pollution and climatic changes. So, in this case also the researchers across the world have tried their best to come out with solutions which go in accordance and harmony with the nature. Moreover, the ingestion of harmful chemicals of plastic bags deteriorates human health. Thus, it is better to use eco-friendly bags. Made of recycled materials, these eco-bags save the environment from pollution. You can buy wholesale recycled bags with logo Australia. To make everyone more conscious of the environment, you may distribute these customized recycled bags among your employees, customers, clients, or visitors.

Long-lasting customizable eco-friendly bags made of non-woven materials-

You can find eco-friendly bags designed with a range of materials. However, most of them are made of non-woven polypropylene fabrics. Manufacturers use mechanical and thermal methods to bind the fibres together. This unprocessed web gets a look similar to that of cotton.

Non Woven Shopping Bags

Soft, air permeable, and smooth polypropylene fibres, used for these non-woven bags, are eco-friendly and durable. These non-woven shopping bags will also last for about 5 years. Some corporate bodies buy these eco-friendly shopping bags and customize them to offer the best gift to employees. Beautiful custom printed non-woven bags are available at the most cost-effective rate. Thus, with the minimal investment, you can purchase a bulk amount of non-woven eco-friendly bags.

These non-woven recyclable bags are not only economical and practical to use. These bags are also reusable in a range of ways. You may use these non-woven bags for promotional purpose. By printing your company logo, you can spread your brand name without affecting the environment.

The best fact is that these non-woven polypropylene bags are water-resistant and fire-resistant. That is why they will not become damaged easily.

Why non-woven bags are eco-friendly?

One of the major reasons for their eco-friendliness is that they are manufactured with recycled materials. Surely, there is a difference in the amount of fabrics and the strength level. As they are easily recyclable, they do not cause much pollution to the environment. Thus, paper bags and non-woven bag manufacturers have gained high popularity in recent years. The process to make these non-woven bags is also simple. Manufacturers use readily available resources to design those bags.

Due to the environmental friendliness of non-woven bags, they do not leave toxic wastes that are harmful for environment. Water pollution, air pollution, and global warming are adverse impacts of producing plastic bags. Thus, to prevent these problems, we need to increase the use of reusable, eco-friendly non-woven bags.

Other materials used for eco-friendly bags-

Similar to non-woven polypropylene, the woven polypropylene is also an environmentally safe choice. By weaving strands, manufacturers create a grid-like pattern. Moreover, bamboo and cotton are other fibres that do not cause negative effect on the environment.

Reusable materials, used for bags, are of varying types. With these biodegradable materials, manufacturers have used bags of stylish designs. These bags have become useful for shopping and several other purposes.

Non Woven Shopping Bags

Best usage of non-woven bags

These non-woven bags mainly emerged as a substitute to the single use plastic bags as they are reusable as well as safe for the environment. The few basic applications of the bags include:

  • Carrier for small things: Small size bags in different colors are being extensively used by small shops and supermarkets to handover the bought products to the customers. They are light-weight and easy to carry.
  • As a promotional bag: Thick and printed non-woven bags are used as a promotional item as well. Shop keepers, business owners, farmer market owners, and super market owners get these bags printed in beautiful colors and customize them with their shop name or logo to be used as a promotional product. Items when sold in these bags go a long way in creating brand awareness and let the people know about the business name and its products.
  • For return gift packing: These days non-woven shopping bags and other plain bags come in a number of sizes ranging from mini to small and very small. Such non-woven bags with drawstrings when designed beautifully are the best to be used as a bag to pack the return gifts. They look beautiful and are easy to customize.
  • Development of designer bags: The use of non-woven bags is also finding tremendous application in the world of designer bags where handicraft is the key player. Many DIY enthusiasts also buy plain non-woven bags in bulk to design them the way they want. However, bags with extremely thick fabric only is suitable for this purpose. Then they can be decorated with beads, paints, thread work and more. 
Buy bulk non-woven bags at wholesale rate and use it for anything you wish while saving a lot of your money.