Reusable Bags Versus Plastic Carriers- Which Are Better During The Pandemic? February 8, 2022 08:00

Pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our thought process as well as our daily living. We have shifted to a different model of living which is quiet different than that of our earlier ways. Even in choice of foods and products we use, we have made some alterations. During all these times of self-care and prevention, the use of plastic has also seen a surge which was totally avoided in pre-covid days. Do you also know that the plastics industry is trying to take advantage of the pandemic and promoting their products vigorously? They claim that disposable plastics can be the perfect choice to prevent the virus transmission. However, scientist have reported that reusable and regularly cleaned bags can also be better than single-use plastics. If you have also started considering plastic over eco-friendly products, then you do some research. Till now, there is no strong reason for avoiding the use of reusable jute grocery bags or other bags made of reusable fabrics.

In the earlier period of the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses had started using disposable plastic bags. Why? It is because they focused on the notion that virus is getting transmitted through direct contact with surfaces. Thus, consumers and business owners felt that the use of disposable items can slow down the transmission of virus. Might be at that state of time, it was necessary. However, in due course, everyone has learned that respiratory droplets are responsible for spreading the virus. That is why it is important to put on mask to save lives from the deadly virus. The use of plastics does not play a role in controlling the spread of coronavirus. In fact the unlimited trash created by these single use plastic have created a burden on the nature. Instead of the multiple benefits, their side effects are getting difficult to handle.

Wholesale Canvas Grocery Bags

How to increase the use of reusable products-

Retailers and other businesses have to stick to the guidelines about the use of eco-friendly materials. The fabric bags are safe to use, and there is no risk of transmitting coronavirus. Moreover, it is essential to abide by some rules-

  • Ask your shoppers to leave their grocery bags in the shopping cart.
  • Let customers bag the grocery items with their own effort. 

Retailers can invest in wholesale canvas grocery bags to serve shoppers. Therefore, these customers will have a good stock of eco-friendly bags, and they can use these carriers for a range of purposes. But, modern consumers should focus on reusability and eco-friendliness while using other items like utensils, plates, cups, and bags. They need to avoid using plastic utensils to save the world from pollution.

How to make sure your bags are safe during the pandemic?

During an era when a new variant of the virus keeps on haunting us every now and then, it is always advisable to keep every thing you use safe from the infection. The use of bags is one such product which you can’t avoid, but them safe is in your hands.

  • While carrying the bags outside, do not keep them stranded at any random place.
  • Before picking up the bag, spray some sanitizer on the handles of your shopping bag as well as your hands.
  • Keep the bag aside when you come back home.
  • Pick the things out after sanitizing your hands.
  • Cloth bags should be cleaned with detergent and sun dried.

Ways to encourage consumers to use reusable bags-

Bag designers play an important role in inspiring consumers and business owners to buy reusable custom bags wholesale. For instance, designers have to choose the best bag materials, which are easily cleanable with washing machine. Moreover, the bags must include small pockets to hold sanitizing wipes and other personal items. Consumers will find these bags highly functional, and thus, they will naturally like to use them for everyday needs. High durability and waste reduction- these are major advantages of using the reusable fabric bags.

Jute Grocery Bags Wholesale

There should be a transition from disposable items to durable ones and from single-use items to reusable ones. Everyone needs to choose this approach to ensure sustainability and prevent pollution. COVID-19 has already pushed customers to take steps for maintaining hygiene. So, while buying jute grocery bags wholesale, shoppers must learn about the importance of cleaning them regularly.

You may claim that paper bags are also eco-friendly. However, they are not much resilient, and you cannot put lots of grocery items into them. That is why jute bags and other fabric bags are the best alternatives. Moreover, you can design the fabric bags in different ways for customizations.

Even during the pandemic, you can have an eco-friendly approach. Explore a wide variety of eco-bags online and order in bulk to get them at wholesale rates with free doorstep delivery.