Polypropylene Laminated Bags- Make Them Attractive With Creative Art June 25, 2021 08:00

Polypropylene wovePrinted Non-Woven Shopping Bagsn and non-woven bags have become a versatile choice due to their high strength. They have a range of applications in our everyday life. However, manufacturers have tried to make these bags stronger by adding liners and lamination. Woven and non-woven laminated bags are the best choices to carry groceries and vegetables without the fear of getting them stained. Their high usage these days has also encouraged the marketers and advertisers to prefer this product as a branding tool with a little customization or personalization. Many business events and marketing campaigns look for products that can be used as a free giveaway and in this segment polypropylene bags are one of the chosen items.

What do you mean by lamination?

Lamination refers to the process of blending different surfaces by applying pressure and heat with different bonding and pressing methods. They turn out to be a single layer.

A laminated print on any surface ensures that it will never be damaged and will retain its glow. Professionals choose the lamination systems based on the ink quality used for the photo and other prints. You may have found laminated designs on upholstery fabrics, flooring, and other surfaces. However, nowadays, shopping bags are available with laminated models. The laminated and printed non-woven shopping bags have a customised look. You can use them for spreading your brand name. 

The base layer of laminated bags is white. Then, there is a thin polypropylene sheeting on which designer prints with different color graphics. The heat bonded top surface remains permanently sealed. The precision cut panels are sewn together after printing. In this way, bag designers laminate the bags for customization purposes. 

Any of the three substrates are used for laminated bag designs. The top section where the designer applies color graphics is visible to users. The substrate is present in the interior side of the bag.

Woven polypropylene- The woven polypropylene strips create a strong bond with lamination. They are highly sturdy materials due to its weight. You can find them in sand bags and several other regular bags.

Non-woven polypropylene- Due to the lamination technology, non-woven polypropylene gains strength and becomes puncture-resistant. That is why it is the perfect choice for designing grocery bags. You can look for non-woven tote bags wholesale for your commercial purpose and buy them at the best rate.

Recycled fabrics- Although the lamination sheeting may not be recyclable, these recycled and reusable bags are eco-friendly options. Branded reusable bags treated with the lamination technique have become a popular choice for consumers. You can print them with your brand name and promote your business.

All these types of bags have made their place in our everyday life. For one or the other reason, we use them frequently. The result is piling up of such old and new bags in different sizes. Though they can be recycles and you can send them for recycling, there are other usages also at home which can be creative.

Use these bags with a touch of art and put them to many other utilities. Have a look at what can be done at home using the old woven and non-woven shopping bags. 

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Creating art for the laminated bags-

  • Art on two sides- On two sides of your laminated bags, you can apply identical or different art. The artistic designs will make your bags look beautiful. They can be printed using the acrylic paints or stick-on stickers which are handy to use. Just buy any good design online and try out your hands on it.
  • Handles and trim- In most cases, you can notice matching laminated trim and handles of your bags. The contrasting color also adds aesthetics to the bag design. You can also try removing the old handles and adding more designer beaded handles which must be strong to support the weight.
  • Glossy finish- The shopping bags look attractive with a printed photo on their surfaces. Both matte and glossy finishes suit the taste of modern customers. For this type of printing, you might need to depend on the professionals who excel in customization of bags. Screen printing method is generally used to print designs of such bags.
  • Embroidery work: If you are done with the color and design of your regular bag, you can add a difference with thread work on the bag. For this, clean the bag, wash it strongly and then let it dry hard. Use a contrast color thread to weave out any design, name, or quote on the front side of the bag. Now, they are also ready for gifting. 
You can now place your order for the laminated versions of non-woven totes and shopping bags. These Polypropylene bags are useful for carrying different items, like sugar, chemicals, and cement. Moreover, the presence of liners makes the bag leak-resistant.