Paper Versus Fabric Wine Bags- Why And How To Choose Them March 26, 2021 08:00

Do you like to gift your guests with a bag of wine bottles? Do you need quality bags to deliver wine to your customers’ destinations? While searching for wine bags Australia, you can find two options- paper and fabric bags. Both of them are eco-friendly bags and do not cause harm to the environment. Still, how will you decide as which out of these two bags is the better one? We help you to pick the right option for your needs.

Are paper bags and fabric bags printable?

Like other bag materials, paper is easy to print. Nowadays, there is a trend of customising the paper wine bags with brand logo and business name. However, fabric bags are also customisable in different ways. From screen printing to heat transfer, there are different printing options for your fabric bags. Some companies also choose embroidery designs for promotional bags with logo, as these embroidery works are not easily removable. In papers, apart from business logo, you can also get beautiful patterns and designs printed on them. They come in a variety of colours and look extremely good. Not only printing, but ribbon work and gift packs of paper wine bags are too good for packing wine bottles and gifting to your loved ones. On the other hand, the fabric bags which look more rustic, the choice of color and design matters a lot as most of the bags are available in natural colors and the fabric looks rough and requires deep colouring agents. So, pick your bags and colors wisely.

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Choose bags in terms of attractiveness-

Do you give high focus on the aesthetic value of your promotional wine bags? Both fabric bags and paper bags are beautiful in different ways. Fabric bag manufacturers can provide you with colorful products that match your brand theme and color. You can find canvas wine bags with high elegance and beauty.

On the contrary, paper bag manufacturers use some other techniques to beautify their products. For instance, silver foiling, metallic foiling, gold foiling, and glitter finish make a wine bag look appealing. Moreover, matt and gloss lamination can add a level of professionalism to your bag design.

Some liquor stores invest in thick paper bags with a flat bottom. You can find these paper bags mostly in two colors. Moreover, paper bags are available in diverse sizes. Based on your needs, you may choose the right one.

Handle options-

One of the similarities of paper and fabric wine bags is that they are available in different handles. You may find bags with handles made of PP rope, satin ribbon, cotton rope, and wooden pieces. Some paper bags also have flat paper and twisted paper handles. The handle designs transform the overall look and design of your bag.

Types of papers and fabrics- Which are more durable?

You know that fabric bags are of different types, including canvas, jute, and cloth. Most of them are highly resilient and last long. Compared to fabric bags, paper bags are less durable. Moreover, bags are made of different papers, like kraft paper, art paper, metallic paper, and wood-free paper. You can guess, that paper bags might not be able to carry large and heavy wine bottles and are good for holding light-weight stuffs only. However, they look extremely good when used to pack a small bottle and present to someone on New Year, wedding anniversary or any other such occasion. On the other hand, fabric bags like jute wine bags are strong and tough enough to carry any size and weight of the bottles. Their strong padded handles allow easy carrying of the products. Such bags are used to transport wine to far off places without the fear of any damage. Also, when you are going out for a picnic or an outing, carrying the wine bottles in the respective bag ensures its safety.

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Difference in the reusability-

Paper bags and fabric bags are recyclable and reusable. However, you can find difference in the number the bags are reusable. You can use paper wine bags not more than 3 times, whereas cotton bags are reusable for 131 times. When it is a non-woven polypropylene bag, you can use it for about 11 times. The numbers are given as per a general study considering a group of given users. Also, since the fabric bags are washable, their durability is definitely more and it seems easier to keep them fresh and new looking.

Thus, fabric bags are better options when you prefer reusability to buy wholesale wine bottle bags. Based on the choice of fabrics, you will notice variations in the level of reusability.

You can explore a wide variety of wine bottle bags online and pick one as per your personal preferences. Get free home delivery of bulk orders across different locations in Australia.