Paints Used For Personalising Your Jute Shopping Bags January 28, 2022 08:00

Have you seen beautifully printed reusable shopping bags? Though they are made of different types of eco-friendly fabrics, the most commonly used fabric is that of jute and cotton. After manufacturing the bag, they are printed, embroidered, or designed differently to make them look attractive or repurpose them for branding. Designers use different printing techniques for customisations which vary in quality and cost. However, you can always find plain jute bags in different shapes and sizes and personalise them with hand-painted methods. If you need the bag for your regular shopping purposes, you can paint your bags in your preferred style without compromising with the style. But, which paint should you use for your jute bags? There are plenty of options in the market but a high-quality paint and your attractive paintwork will make the bags unique. To make the best choice, you should have knowledge about the paints that are good for jute bags.

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Here in this bag, you can check for the available paint options for your jute bags. The choice of colour would depend on the base fabric color and your personal preferences.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints have their applications in different crafts, and they work as the binder for the paint. The best fact is that these acrylic paints are already blended with other complicated colours. You will easily get the right shade. Moreover, acrylic paints take the shortest period to dry. You may add crisp lines and multiple layers to your design. These paints are resistant to water and can last longer. However, you may add a new design when the paint fades away. You can explore some interesting printing ideas online using these paints for the best outcomes.

Oil paints-

Oil paints will take a longer period to dry. But, one of the advantages is that they ensure easier transitions to a different colour. After painting the fabric with oil paint, you have to leave it for quite some time for drying. Prevent the paint from getting into the interior side of your personalised Jute shopping bags. It means one face of the fabric should be painted which should not be allowed to touch the other surface or other folds of the bag.

It is true that oil paints retain the original shade while they are dry. However, they start degrading over time. One of the pros is that they are waterproof and you can create timeless designs with these paints. Many times, the fabrics are first painted with the oil color and then they are sewed for maximum retention of the design and the depth of the paint.


It is better to avoid watercolours for your shopping bags, as they do not last long. When you wash your bag, the paint will go away. However, to repurpose your bag for an event, these watercolours would serve your purpose. If you are having any old cloth bag and you wish to give it a new look, then go with water colors which are easy to use. Once they fade away, you can reapply the color.

You may create abstract paintings with versatile watercolours. Nevertheless, they are not the right choice for creating sharp lines.

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Spray Paints

Spray painting is one of the best options for decorating jute bags. Still, you may face some challenges while dealing with spray paints. You must maintain a gap of 12 to 18 inches between the spray can and the jute fabric. Moreover, you have to spray the paint lightly with overlapping strokes. It is also essential to learn how to create sharp lines while using spray paints. The parts of the bag that does not need any color should be covered with a waterproof covering to avoid the color in that area.

Latex Paints

With high colour-retention capacity, these paints maintain the versatility of your jute bags. While your fold your jute bag, the paint will not get damaged. You may also apply different finishes to your latex paints. To achieve the best result, you have to check the thickness of the jute fabric. Use a foam roller for your thin jute bag. Similarly, chunky brushes are best for your thicker bags. Choose a semi-gloss finish to protect your shopping bag from damage. You can now buy jute bags online and apply the latex paints properly.

These are some paints used for customising the natural jute bags wholesale and you can pick the right one for your purpose.

Are you looking for some jute bags for your branding or promotional needs? You can always choose a plain or blank color bag, and get them customized with screen-printing method. Find an established supplier of eco-bags in Australia and explore more ideas with their experts. After choosing a bag design, you can ask for a preview of the bag after printing your business logo. So plan your campaign in advance and order the promotional bags now!