Non Woven Tote Bags May 9, 2017 15:11

Various purposes served by Non-woven bags

Non woven bags are made out of fibers that are bounded by chemicals, heat or solvents also undergo some mechanical treatment. These bags are durable, reusable, chemical-free and therefore these are biodegradable in nature. Over the past few years, these non woven bags have gained much popularity which set them as a perfect example for creating eco-friendly awareness among people with the great advantages that these bags comprise of.

Non woven bags serve various purposes and thus have different functions according to one’s needs. Few of them are as follows: 

  • These bags are appropriate for any packaging of gift items, both in formal as well as informal occasions.
  • Non woven bags are popular because of the ample space that it offers. Therefore, books and other materials can also be carried in such bags to be given away to people.
  • These bags are also ideal for different corporate promotions. Non woven bags can be greatly used as a promotional item that can be provided to professionals, students and also commoners. This is a cheaper way and therefore, wise enough to purchase these bags because of the organic raw material used to produce the bags.
  • Non woven bags are also perfect for shopping carrier because of the ample space that it provides. For instance, nonwoven tote bags can be used for shopping groceries, visiting the mall,
  • Non woven shopping bags are a great match to one’s supermarket shopping needs. Since it is made up of non-woven fabrics, it can be washed and cleaned very easily. Therefore, these are reused over a number of times.
  • One of the primordial missions of these bags is the eco-lamination through laser and non-laser The main purposes of non-woven bags are its involvement in promotional activities, shopping needs, grocery carrier, etc.
  • These non woven bags are generally customized to one’s needs and desires. Therefore, one can also use these bags as a fashion For instance, students and college goers can make use of these bags which provide sufficient space to carry the essentials of the day: be it books, water bottle, stationery items, sunglasses, towels, etc.

Non woven bags are more often than not made in China. These bags are definitely more long lasting than other woven bags like those of canvas and jute bags. Fabrics in jute bags are often woven together in which dirt materials usually get stuck.  Therefore, washing and cleaning sometimes get difficult. But non-woven bags do not face such difficulty and thus are easier to clean and can be reused over a number of times. Another great advantage of these bags is that these are generally made with customers’ desire and needs circling around their purpose that needs to be solved.

Non woven bags are the potential elements to make the planet pollution free as they are environment-friendly in nature. Serving its customers with all the basic needs- be it for shopping purpose, gift bags, and daily use, etc., these bags stand out to make the citizens of the country aware of the greatest advantages that it has over all other shopping bags.