Non-Woven Bags Versus Canvas Bags- Which Is More Budget Friendly? April 1, 2022 08:00

Bags are one of the most practical giveaways on every occasion. Available in different shapes and sizes, bags have lots of variations. So, which one will be the right choice as your promotional gift? Some retailers choose between non-woven bags and canvas bags for their marketing campaigns. Thus, while buying printed bags with logo, you need to decide on any of these options.

Both canvas and non-woven bags are eco-friendly for consumers. But, before buying one, you have to understand the difference between them.

Non Woven Bags Wholesale

Get a clear concept about non-woven and canvas bags-

Non-woven bags have become more popular in recent years because of their cost-effectiveness. They are made of resin-type fabrics, known as polypropylene fibres. Moreover, these bag fabrics are easily customisable to your needs. Look for non-woven bags printing service to invest in a promotional campaign.

On the contrary, canvas bags are designed with woven fabrics, and that’s why canvas is known for high strength. While some canvas bags are hand-woven, others are manufactured with a machine. Most commonly, you can find canvas in clutches, satchels, and totes.

How does canvas differ from non-woven fabrics?

Random or oriented fibres are used for non-woven bags. They are easy to carry due to their lightweight designs. The melted and twisted polypropylene pellets undergo a hot-pressing technique. Then, designers apply printing techniques (such as, lamination and silkscreen) to decorate the outer surface of the bag. Your custom non-woven bags may also have embellishments like eyelets, ribbons, and pockets.

On the contrary, canvas bag fabrics are thick cotton. The woven material used for bags and clothing is fine. But, you can find a difference in woven techniques (like satin weave, plain, and twill). With printing techniques and dyes, you can personalise your bags.

There are different productions techniques used for non-woven bags. For instance, some manufacturers use water jet treatment to entangle the fibre mesh layers. It helps in creating a reinforced fibre network that makes your bag resilient. The heat-sealed process is another technique that heats the fibres and cools them down. Some non-woven totes are spun-bonded as manufacturers stretch the polymer to make a filament.

The durability of the fabrics-

While comparing the durability of canvas and non-woven fabrics, the former one will be the better choice. Canvas bags can endure machine washing repeatedly, and there is no concern about damage to the fabric. In fact, the canvas is comparable to linen and cotton fabrics.

But, one of the disadvantages is that it is not highly water-resistant. So, to have water-resistant bags, you may prefer the non-woven ones. These fabrics are capable of absorbing water.

Nevertheless, there is one demerit of the non-woven fabrics, as they will lose their originality after repeated washes. The polypropylene fibres do not have high durability. Still, the fabrics are non-toxic and undergo decomposition easily. So, you can invest in non-woven bags wholesale and customise them in different ways.

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Which one is more cost-effective?

Although canvas totes are more durable, non-woven ones are highly affordable. Buyers who have a tight budget can choose these non-woven models.

Canvas bags are costlier than non-woven versions due to their high longevity. You can make your decision based on the purpose of using the bags. For instance, non-woven bags are the right choice for corporate gifting purposes. They are low-cost solutions, and you can easily please the recipients. But, when you think of offering corporate gifts to a few employees, you may choose high-quality canvas bags.

Uses of canvas and non-woven bags-

Cheap non-woven bags are highly useful for storage needs. You may store your kids’ toys and other items. Some bags are available with a zippered design to keep your things secure. You can also use them as your regular library bags. The water-resistant bags will prevent damage to your books. But, you must not overload the totes that do not have a zipper. It is better to look for bags with slings to carry them easily to any place.

Canvas bags are useful as your grocery bags. However, eco-friendly backpacks are also made of this fabric. Moreover, canvas bags can endure a good amount of load without the risk of wear and tear.

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