Non Woven Bags Direct May 5, 2017 18:42

Non-woven bags as the best alternative to plastic bags

Non-woven bags, in recent times, are gaining popularity due to its various advantages. They are inexpensive, durable, soft, reusable and are harmless to the environment as it is a biodegradable material and can be decomposed very easily in a short span of time. Non woven bags are effective choice as these are eco-friendly in nature.

Non woven bags are playing a massive role in all environment safety campaigns. These bags should be used over those harmful plastic bags due to the following reasons:

  1. Non-poisonous:

 Non woven bags are organic in nature, therefore environmental friendly. They can be easily decomposed, emitting no poison on the earth which further can be reused. Moreover, the substances eliminated after the process of decomposition are useful for the soil and the trees as they provide a good amount of nutrition to them.

  1. Easily decomposed:

The fabrics of non-woven bags are made from elongated fibers, bound together by mechanical, chemical, heat or any solvent treatment which can decompose the fabrics within the time span of 3 to 6 months in the environment. Therefore they can complete their cycle of life within a very shorter time period, unlike plastic bags.

  1. Inexpensive:

These bags are readily available in the market at a lower price than any other bags. Moreover, they are easy to use and light weighted which makes it form handy and therefore, popular. If we compare the production of plastic bags with the non-woven bags, we will find that non-woven bags are produced at a much higher cost than the plastic bags. However, due to its washable ability, they can be reused over a number of times.

  1. Reusable:

Reusability is one of the main characteristics of the non woven bags which differentiates it from the plastic bags. The fabrics used in these bags are soft, light and non-irritable to the human body. These bags can be washed over a number of times and thus reused for saving money. Therefore, non-woven bags are cost effective and easily affordable.

  1. Different types:

These bags are found in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs throughout the market. The fabric used here can be directly printed on any surface on silk or on film further laminating them together to get a wide variety of colors and other logos or images that can meet the needs of the customers. Nonwoven printed bags are quite impressive and can be used for various companies’ promotional activities.

 Non woven bags can serve various purposes like shopping groceries, fashion accessories, attending parties or day to day events like going to college or office. They are available as tote bags, backpack, sling bags, shopping bags, promotional bags, etc. Non-woven tote bags are made of lightweight fabrics, namely non-woven polypropylene material, serving an excellent purpose for shopping at grocery stores or visiting malls. These bags are becoming a favorable replacement to canvas tote bags as they are more durable, reusable and also affordable by common people. These bags are also apt for the purpose of trade show promotions.

Therefore, non-woven bags direct the way to save the environment, money, and labor. Non woven bags are saving the environment with its organic nature; saving money and labor due to its reusability and long lasting nature. So it is very well evident that these non-woven bags are a great alternative to those harmful plastic bags.