Non Woven Bag Direct March 16, 2018 18:47

Get set and follow the trend Non-woven bags

If you are a fashion freak or you like to keep up with the trend, you must be carting a non-woven bag. Wait if you are not aware of that, then go and visit a trendy site called Non-Woven Bags Direct. It is a fully Australian owned business with its headquarter in Melbourne. Non-Woven Bags Direct has a wide range of quality products such as non-woven bags, shopping bags, calico bags, cotton bags and even canvas tote bags. These are all professionally designed, and it is not just a brand, but they also have a design and marketing team to give the best products at the best effective market price.

The General fabric material they use for their product is 80-100gm material. If you want to customize your product you have that option as well. Lighter or heavier fabrics are also available if requested. They also claim to set the best price and also promises 100% quality product with one year guarantee. Non-Woven Bags Direct also guarantees to change the product their warranty period if any faulty product is made by them.

Non-woven bags are available in different colors with different dimensions as well. They are manufactured in the factory with a smooth surface finish to make it attractive and trendy. Non-woven fabrics are made from staple fibers and long fibers that are bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Some nonwoven materials lack the desired strength unless reinforced or densified by a backing. In recent years, nonwovens have become an alternative to polyurethane foam. Nonwovens fabric is manufactured by placing small fibres together in the form of a web or sheet just like a paper, and then it is bound either mechanically similar to that of felt, or by interlocking the fibres with needles so that the inter-fibre friction comes out as a stronger fabric, with an adhesive effect or by using heat and applying the binder in forms of paste, powder or polymer melt. They binder is melted with the with high thermal temperature. If you are interested in using these kinds of non-oven bags, then you can order online on Non-Woven Bags Direct. There are very easy steps to follow.

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Visit
  3. Browse their wide variety of products in different shapes and colors and choose your option
  4. They also provide an option for customization. Select the best possible option for you
  5. Choose the quantity of products you want to order
  6. Enter the details of your company and your address.
  7. They deliver their normal order in 14-15 business days, and for the customized product, they take around 6-9 weeks.

Non-Woven Bags Direct is a company that will satisfy your needs to supply the non-woven bags in bulk quantity. They manufacture their customized products in the batch manufacturing process. They have an excellent range of products with great quality except for bulk order only with a minimum quantity of 500. They supply to different companies only. So if you are buying the product for your employee, then this is the best company for you.