Muslin: A fabric of Aristocratic Choice April 6, 2021 08:00

The term- muslin is nothing new to us and most of us associate it with aristocracy. In the past, only aristocratic groups of the society used to prefer the muslin fabrics for different purposes. It used to be a highly traded fabric in the early days which attracted traders from different parts of the world to Asian countries where it is found in abundance. It has a lot of other significance also and has remained relevant since older days till now. However, nowadays, you can find the use of this woven fabric in a range of ways. From cotton muslin drawstring bags to home decors, several products are made of this fabric. However, most of us do not know the history of this fabric. So, in this post, let’s get to know more about this fabric and its various usage.

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History of muslin- Know its origin

The woven cotton fabric, muslin, had its origin in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hot and humid climate is essential to weave this cotton fibre. However, in the 1600s, the European countries started using the muslin. The lightweight, versatile, and easily washable fabric became popular within a short period of time. But, there are some controversies on who made muslin for the first time.

The word, muslin is derived from the term, Mosul, Iraq. Most historians claimed that Bangladesh is the creator of this fabric. On the contrary, European travellers found it while travelling in Mosul. That is why they named the fabric as muslin. Another fact is that muslin is less costly than silk but gives a texture that looks like silk. Its maintenance is easier than that of silk as it can be washed easily without harming the fabric. These days it is available in a variety of products. You can buy small muslin drawstring bags bulk at a reasonable price and experience the smooth quality of this product.

Another historical reference revealed an interesting fact about muslin. Wilbur and Orville used canvas painted, unbleached muslin for aircraft wings in 1903. This shows, how the light-weight feature of this fabric is put to other important use.

What are the uses of muslin?

Muslin is of different types, ranging from flame-retardant bleached white muslin to heavy natural cotton muslin. Nowadays, we use muslin for different purposes. Some of them are really creative uses which you would love to know.


Muslin has a range of applications in the world of cuisines. You may use it for sediment removal from wine. Muslin is also useful for wrapping around your Christmas pudding and other steamed deserts. In some cases, we need a fabric to cover our cake after soaking it with brandy. Muslin is the best choice to serve this purpose.

Another notable use of muslin is to squeeze moisture out of your grated vegetables. Moreover, muslin is more durable than cheesecloth, and that is why cheese makers like to use them to separate whey from curds. Heavyweight and medium-weight natural cotton muslin is the perfect alternative to cheesecloth. However, you must wash it after every use.

Stylish muslin bags-

Muslin bags have become wardrobe staples for fashion conscious individuals. You can buy these ecobags wholesale for plastic-free packaging. Durable, sustainable and lightweight muslin bags cause no harm to the environment. When your closets have no space, you may use muslin bags for storing clothing and other items.

Some of us also purchase muslin drawstring bags bulk to store jewelleries. Muslin bags have both functional and aesthetic values, and thus, they are the best eco-friendly choices for consumers. The companies manufacturing bags are using muslin in a variety of ways to make them look more stylish and fashionable. With a little of artwork, they look amazing to be used as handbags, clutches, purses, or small drawstring pouch.

These bags are free from insecticides, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. 

Promotional muslin bags

Muslin bags can be bought in bulk for advertisement purposes. Businesses, small shops, superstore owners choose muslin bags of single color and get them custom-printed with their business logo to use them as a branding tool. With the ban on plastic bags, these ecobags wholesale are offered to the customers on some festive occasions, long weekends, new year, sale season or on other promotional events as a free giveaway to promote brand awareness. You can also select a prefect type of bag as per your preferred size and color before initiating your next branding event and pre-plan your distribution campaign. 


Photographers choose muslin to create backdrops. The hand-painted muslin clothes are available in a range of colours and sizes. Based on your needs, you can find the right choice. Stage designers also prefer black muslin for masking curtains and several other purposes.

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