Learn About The Stylish And Functional Bag Designs April 16, 2021 08:00

Are you familiar with bags of different trendy designs? Bags have become one of the best accessories to show our unique style and personality. People are passionate about having different types of bags and stock a variety of styles in their wardrobe to match with various types of outfit. It’s not only about style, but also the need for bag is different for different types of work. Hence, people try to have dedicated bags like library bags, shopping bags, market bag, gift bag, laptop bag, backpack and more. However, one thing that is common in all these popular bags is the use of eco-friendly fabrics. Even businesses are preferring to go with eco bags as a statement for their brand. Lots of companies also choose cheap reusable bags for their promotional campaigns. These reusable cotton bags, canvas bags, and other fabric bags are desirable by modern consumers.

Cotton Shopping Bags Wholesale Australia

I this blog, we are talking about different bag styles that can attract your attention. This collection will meet every single need of carrying stuffs.

Hand bags-

Mostly, women like to carry these bags for their everyday purposes. Hand bags are perfect for carrying the personal items. There are separate handbags for shopping, parties, or nearby commute. Women are preferring cloth handbags these days which are beautifully designed with thread work, glass work, printing, or beads.

Tote bags-

When you are looking for cotton shopping bags wholesale Australia, you can invest in totes. They are rectangular bags with open tops and are made of cotton, canvas, and other fabrics. They can easily be used for shopping at market places, in farmers market or for grocery shopping.

Messenger bags-

They are medium-sized bags with flaps at their front sides. They include a long strap that make messenger bags easy to distinguish. They can be hanged side wise keeping your hands free. Messenger bags are also available in different types of materials like canvas, cotton, or denim.


Satchels also have a flap to fasten the bag. You have to hang them low on your body. These bags are used by students while going to library or others who wish to carry their daily stuffs in a style. Satchels are also available in leather materials.

Bucket bags-

With a flat bottom, these bags look like buckets. Some of them have a drawstring closure. You can buy plain cotton drawstring bags with a bucket-like style. They are highly preferred to go with any ethnic wear. Available in varying colorful clothes, they look very attractive.

Pouch bags-

They are also drawstring bags available in a small model. You can store jewelleries in these bags. As per your need, you can buy a medium or small-size pouch made of muslin, cotton, or silken material. These days, such pouches are used for offering return gifts.

Clutch bags-

The slim handbag with a small strap is known as the clutch. You can buy clutches with an attractive look. Usually, women carry these small and easy to carry clutches in parties or get togethers.

Beach bags-

The best beach bags have a waterproof design. However, you may also choose cotton woven bags as your beach bags. They are wide with or without a zipper which can accommodate a lot of stuffs you might need on a beach.

Plain Cotton Drawstring Bags

Sling bags-

They are also known as the shoulder bags. You can hang these bags on your shoulder and keep your hands free for any activity.

Makeup bags-

These bags are highly popular among women, as they keep the makeup kits organized. You can find them in printed designs. Make sure that your small and compact makeup bags have a zip closure.

Camera case carry bags-

These bags are much popular among professional photographers. You can find the interior side of these bags looking different and unique. The bag design ensures that you can easily fit your camera into it.

Barrel bags-

They are big cylindrical bags designed for travellers. You may also buy them as your gym bags. These barrel bags are available in multiple sizes

Lunch bags-

Use these bags to carry your foods to picnic spots and any other venues. Some lunch bags have insulated designs.


It is a compact bag integrated with a small strap. The bag is easy to identify due to its narrow design.

Foldover bags-

The top section of the bag gets folded and it looks like a flap. One of the advantages is that you can adjust its strap length.

Fanny pack-

It is another small bag fitted to a belt. You can attach the belt to your waist. We refer to it as a bum bag.


You may have thought that it indicates a jewellery. However, it is the name of a small handbag. The strap looks like a bracelet.

Find a wide variety of bag in different shapes, sizes and designs and order online to get the best deals.