Learn About Different Canvas Fabrics And Their Properties April 9, 2021 08:00

There is a trend of using eco-friendly items for our everyday purposes. For instance, fabric bags have replaced plastic ones, as they do not cause harm to the environment. One of the commonly chosen fabrics is canvas. Nowadays, printed and plain canvas tote bags Australia have become highly popular among modern consumers. They are used on wide scale by individuals as well as business for a number of other purposes due to their unique features. High quality canvas has several other applications in our life that you would be amazed to know. Before getting to know what are the different uses of canvas fabric, let’s get to know what are their different and what makes them a unique choice for our needs? Let us check the distinct properties of the canvas and the varying styles they are available in.

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Cotton Canvas-

It is the most popular one of all canvas fabrics and has medium-level strength. Bag manufacturers use this fabric to design their products. When you buy blank canvas bags for printing your brand logo, you will find a blend of cotton.

Interestingly, the wet cotton canvas is more durable than the dry ones. The untreated cotton canvas has high absorbing potentials. Thus, in contact with water, the fibers may swell easily. They take much time to get dry. One of the disadvantages is that they have a risk of developing moulds and mildews. The application of chemicals makes the cotton canvas waterproof.

Cotton canvas is highly resistant to sunlight and you may not find this property in other fibers. Most of the fibres become weakened and start deterioration due to the heat. Cotton draperies last longer due to these special properties. That is why they are also suitable for outdoor usage. People buy cotton canvas bags to carry in their outings on beaches, parks and gardens. When you think of buying cheap canvas tote bags bulk, you can look for cotton canvas fabrics. They are available in online stores, even on sale.

So, next time when you plan a return gift for your family members, relatives or friends, don’t forget to order these bags and get them personalized. Since most of them are available in plain or natural colors, their designing with definite patterns or printing gets easier. So, make a bulk order and get attractive discounts.

Linen Canvas Fabric-

One of the natural fibers woven into your canvas is linen. Linen canvas fabrics are more durable than cotton. They are not much elastic, and when you stretch them, they may not restore their original sizes. One of the demerits is that linen canvas gets wrinkled very easily. Moreover, it has a high absorbent capacity. In most cases, the art canvas is made of linen canvas fabrics. They are used for commercial usages and come in large sheets for application across different needs. Shopping bags or grocery bags are  mostly not made using the linen canvas.

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Hemp Canvas-

From some authentic sources, we have learned that the term, canvas has its origin from another word, cannabis. You know that Hemp is one of the rope-making fabrics. However, it is also useful for weaving into canvas. Hemp canvas is highly advantageous and is better than cotton canvas. It is resistant to rot and mildew. The best fact is that, it is capable of withstanding high temperature level. This is extremely safe for outdoor use and across businesses and factories manufacturing other products.

Synthetic fibers blended with canvas-

Made of synthetic fibers, this canvas fabric is highly water-resistant and mildew-resistant. In some cases, it has a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. One of the notable advantages is that synthetic canvas fiber are lightweight options. Still, you can use them for any heavy-duty fibers. Though, they are not entirely eco-friendly, they are preferred across usage where water resistance is needed. They are used as a raw material for manufacturing of other products.

Waste canvas-

It is another type of canvas fabrics with grid pattered loose threads. Glue is used to hold the fabric together. There is no need for a standard weaving technique. You can find waste canvas bags for daily uses. While buying personalised shopping bags, you may choose this fabric. The eco-friendly bags will surely please all your customers. You can print your company’s name on the bag.

Canvas bags: The most common use of canvas

Almost all types of canvas in its natural and blended form find widespread application in the manufacturing of bags. With rising demand for eco-bags, manufactures are using all types of natural fibers to manufacture bags of different types like shopping bags, grocery bags, backpacks, laptop bags, college bags, handbags, library bags and more. You can find almost all these types in canvas material.

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