Jute Shopping Bags February 13, 2018 22:21

Go Green- Use Jute Shopping Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

Jute is obtained naturally from the jute plant. This fiber can be converted into the strong threads. Jute shopping bags are natural, and they are costlier in comparison to the other kind of bags present in the market. The jute shopping bags are environment-friendly, and they do not harm the nature in any manner. Plastic bags do not degrade easily, and they stay intact for a long period. This property of the plastic bags is known to cause a great threat to the balance of the environment. It has been discovered that the plastic bags float in the lakes or oceans. This is extremely dangerous for all the aquatic animals as they are capable of absorbing them. Since the last few years, the Green Revolution has started, in which the plastic bags are being banned. 

Why Jute should be used 

Plastic bags have been banned in some places. With the banning of the plastic bags, the jute bags started becoming more famous, and people started to use this eco-friendly bag. Listed below is a list of the reasons why jute should be chosen over plastic bags. 

  • Jute is one of the best natural fibers which is not only strong but also very durable. These products can degrade easily with time and do not cause any harm to the environment and its surroundings. When products are carried in the jute containers or the jute bags, the hygiene is not affected in any manner. In case of the plastic bags, the time taken to break down is very long, and they also cause a huge environmental hazard. 
  • Jute products can be used for more than one time. Since jute is natural, it is capable of decomposing within a particular period. It does not pollute the environment in any way. Plastic products cannot be used for more than once. This is why plastic is dumped into the dustbins. Despite dumping the plastics in the dustbins, the wind can carry them to the oceans, ponds, or the landfills. This is one of the most important reasons as to why the waterways, parks, sewage, streets, and beaches are polluted. 
  • The jute shopping bags remain glossy and attractive for a long period. They do not lose their strength easily. The plastic bags lose the beauty that they have within a very short period. Since the plastic bags have a very short life, it is useless to use them. The plastic bags act as a burden to the environment and nature. 
  • Jute is capable of decomposing within a few weeks or maybe a few months. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic bags are also responsible for causing air pollution. Jute bags do not cause any harm to nature. 

Some things can be carried in the jute shopping bags. The products contained within the jute bags to not get contaminated or spoiled. Jute shopping bags should be used not just for protecting the environment but also for the personal benefits.