Jute Bags May 3, 2017 22:05

Reusable Bags can save our lives

The government is trying to ban the use of plastic all over the nation for environmental issues. We know that plastic products are harming the environment and causing pollution all over the world. So, it is definitely a time to save mother earth by trying to be eco-friendlier and using products over and over again to stop wastage and waste formation. Plastic, as we know, cannot get decomposed, a plastic laying on the ground will always be there contaminating the surface. Plastics are also causing the blockage of marine life and plants due to wastes being disposed of in oceans, and the incineration of plastic is causing ozone depletion.

The best way to fight the environment issue is by starting out at home and swapping those toxic plastic bags for healthy reusable bags. Now people need to know about the reusable bags. Reusable bags are made from environment-friendly materials like jute and cotton, and they will last for a long time. They are healthier for carrying food items as well sturdier than plastic. As retailers are now charging for plastic bags, you can cut that cost by purchasing jute bags or calico bags and also be environment conscious at the same time.

 Some Information on Reusable Bags

  • Jute bags are formed by using plant materials derived from the jute plants. The material is coarse and sturdy. The growing of jute doesn’t require any pesticides so it isn’t harmful to environment or farmers and jute does grow abundantly in areas with good rainfall. Jute bags are quite cheap and once worn out they are compostable. They are often known as hessian bags in North America.
  • Hemp Bags are organic, eco-friendly bags made from plant fibers and are sturdier than cotton. The plant helps to prevent soil erosion and can be grown in soils with poor health. Even hemp plants don’t require any irrigation or fertilization, so they are all natural. Though a little expensive hemp bags are rot resistance so you can use them for a long time.
  • Cotton and Canvas bags are made with natural fibers made from organic cotton or recycled cotton. It is best to go with organic cotton and recycled cotton because they are eco-friendly and produced ethically. Cotton bags can be used multiple times, and they do come in different designs.
  • Calico bags are made from half-processed unbleached cotton which makes them coarser and gives them the slight yellowish color. They are cheaper than the other reusable bag and healthier due to being environmentally safe.
  • Non-woven bags are made from fabric like materials made from long fibers which are bonded together chemically, mechanically or by using heat. Fibers such as felt are a good example. These bags are often given by retailers instead of plastic bags, and they can be used for a duration.

The environment can be made better by using any of the reusable bags on a day to day basis. The bags can be found online from jute bag wholesale sites or any other reusable bag sites quite easily. People are environmentally friendly, and bags can be found at a price as low as $4 AUD.