Juco Bags - Explore Different Varieties And Their Usage December 4, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, most of us have become highly conscious about the environmental damages caused by disposable plastic bags. While the people are eagerly going with eco-friendly solutions for bag needs, the manufacturers are also coming with wide variety of options to meet the varying needs of users. That is why, now we have a number of better alternatives like jute, cotton, canvas, and burlap bags. However, have you heard of the trend of combining jute and cotton to design bags? These are innovatively designed juco bags made from 25% cotton and 75% jute. Just think of the strength and the features offered by such bags. These eco friendly bags have the properties of both jute and cotton fabrics and are available in variety of designs, sizes, and colors. The best eco-bag suppliers across Australia admit to the high demand of this fabric bag owing to the variety it offers.

Let us introduce you with different types of these juco bags which are sweeping the market.

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Juco totes-

Designed as simple totes, juco bags have highly functional designs. For your everyday needs, you may carry these juco totes integrated with tightly stitched handles. While some bags have wooden handles, others have soft juco straps. Although there is nothing decorative in the design, you will get the ultimate value from these eco bags Australia. They are best to be used as shopping bags, market bags and can be put to personal use as well as commercial use.

Juco sling bags-

By blending jute and cotton, manufacturers can provide you with stylish sling bags. These durable and reusable bags are best for carrying laptops, office notebooks, and other similar accessories. With sturdy straps and strong zippers, these bags will keep your laptop secure and easily accessible. You can take these stylish bags to your office or college. Today’s fast forward generation look for items that can become their style statement and for this purpose these juco sling bags are especially preferred among school and college going youth.

Juco pouch-

Juco pouches are small bags with a number of zippered pockets. You may store small stuff inside these bags. Available in a range of patterns and prints, these pouches are highly fashionable. They are also suitable for gifting on personal or business occasions.

What are the uses of juco bags?

Like other eco bags, juco bags have several applications.

Use juco bags for shopping groceries-

As you like to replace plastics, juco shopping bags can be the perfect choice for you. They are easily washable bags, and you can clean them thoroughly after everyday use. Keep your vegetables fresh in these juco bags.

Most reputable brands have chosen juco to design their reusable shopping bags Australia. 

Juco bags for promotional purposes-

Buy solid coloured juco bags wholesale and customise them with your brand name. They are the best gifts for your promotional campaigns and advertising activities. In trade shows or exhibitions as well, you can make use of custom-printed juco bags that spread your brand awareness. You can get variety of colors of these bags and go with logo printing. However, mostly a natural color bag is preferred as it maintains the aesthetic of an eco-bag while beautifully displaying the logo of any company or business. As your consumers use these biodegradable bags, they will see your company logo which will make a longer recall time for your brand. Print your brand message and attract your consumers with these customisable bags.

Bags as fashion accessories-

Juco bags with elaborate designs can make your style statement. Bag designers add embroidery designs, beads, and other sparkling items to beautify your bags. Thus, you do not need to compromise with your style while carrying fabric bags. The attractive juco bags can be the best evening party bags for women as well. Youngsters can also hang the sling bags across their shoulder and use these evergreen bags as their preferred accessory.

Choose juco bags for packaging purposes-

Bulky juco bags are durable to carry goods like cement, sugar, and food grains. These bags have high tensile strength due to the use of jute. There is no risk of wear and tear with these resilient bags. These features make them suitable for business and commercial usage also. Large scale manufacturers choose big size juco bags for storing their products in the warehouse or during the transportation.

Now, you can place your order for quality juco bags with versatile designs. These bags do not cause ecological impact and are useful for a variety of purposes. Although juco bags are mostly available in neutral and golden colors, you can find them in other bright shades.

Check out all the variety of juco bags online, compare the features, cost and buy bags in bulk at the best prices.