Important Tips For Making Your Veggies Stay Fresh And Last Long November 26, 2021 08:00

Do you need to throw away mushy apples, wilted parsley, and fuzzy raspberries because they could not last long? Spoilage of groceries has become a daily problem and people are really irritated with this. It does not only cause loss of eatables at home but also the loss of money and the time you wish to save with bulk buying of groceries. Discarding different spoiled veggies every day is not a pleasant experience for anyone of us. But, why do they get rotten within a short time and what can be done about them? The problem is that you have not stored them properly. There are many storage hacks we must know for different types of stuffs to make them last long. Nowadays, retailers buy reusable grocery bags bulk to offer their customers as a free gift. You have to make the right use of these bags to store your foods along with other tips to keep your things safe.

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By preventing waste, you can keep away from food-borne illnesses. Check some tips for making your groceries long-lasting.

Meat should be on the lower shelves-

Moisture from pork can ruin your broccoli very fast. That is why you must store your meats on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Water will not drip on any other food. This will reduce any kind of odour inside the fridge as well.

Use paper towels for your green leafy vegetables-

You may have found some residues in your spinach and lettuce bags. To prevent this problem, you have to wrap these greens with a paper that soaks up moisture. As you have bought grocery bags wholesale, you can put these paper-wrapped greens into these bags. You may also apply this trick for your leftover salad. Using them properly, you can also find pack your greens for the next day cooking.

Choose plastic wrappers for bananas-

You would have purchased some bananas from your grocery store. To slow down the emission of ethylene gas, you can use a plastic wrap. It will also help in preventing faster ripening of the bananas. These fruits will remain fresh for a longer period reducing your frequent trip to the supermarket. 

Cleanse your grocery bags regularly-

While buying personalized bags wholesale, you must read the cleaning instructions. Linen bags and other natural fiber bags are machine-washable. Some reusable shopping bags are made of synthetic materials, and you need warm soapy solution to clean them. But, germs may get stuck in the creases of your plastic shopping bags. Make sure that they are dry before reusing them. Syn drying of these bags would ensure further hygiene of the bags.

 Wash your groceries on the day of consumption-

Like your grocery bags, your vegetables and fruits need to be cleaned. But, in most cases, consumers make a mistake. They wash their veggies after taking them home from the grocery store. It can rot their vegetables within a short time. Thus, you have to adjust your routine. Moreover, there is a chance of mold growth due to the presence of moisture. So, you should wash your veggies just before cooking them.

Buy chiller bags for your foods-

Chiller bags are different from standard custom printed grocery bags. As some foods need refrigeration, you can put them inside a chiller bag. The specially designed bags prevent your foods from getting warmed and also reduces the risk of spoilage. Chiller bags are available in online stores as well as in general market. You can buy them online in bulk at discounted rates. They are available in dozes in different colours to meet all your storage needs at once.

Use separate bags for meats and vegetables-

You must have different bags for your veggies and meats to ensure proper storage. Moreover, it should be a practice to keep separate bags for meats and veggies to prevent the risk of contamination of your foods.

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Store herbs like blossoms-

Fill a tall glass with water and put your fresh herbs into it. Make sure that you have trimmed the stems of your herbs and covered them using a plastic wrapper before placing them in your refrigerator. This is the latest way of storing herbs preferred in households these days.

After designing and trying all the ways to store your groceries fresh for long, you must also take care to bring them home protected. While buying them, carrying in your car, and storing back to home, take care not to hit anywhere or thrash while placing on the ground. Use specifically designed reusable grocery bags to carry your groceries. They are lightweight, easy to wash and maintain, and affordable to buy. However, most of the time, you might receive them as a free giveaway from your regular general store, fruit market, or vegetable or grocery shop.