How To Customize Drawstring Bags For Your Brand Promotion? November 6, 2020 08:00

You may have taken the smartest decision to attract customers with promotional bags. But, you might get confused as which bag you should choose and how you would customise them. We think that drawstring bags can be the best giveaways to keep your customers engaged. They are not only useful, but also trendy looking at their style and an altogether different look. Hikers, travellers, and daily commuters like to use calico bags drawstring for their regular needs. However, the way of personalising those bags will make a difference in the result of your campaign. We have provided you with some tips for customising your promotional bags. This can add a lot to the already different look of your bag.

Personalise your bags with logo and brand colors-

Tote shopping bags with drawstrings are available in a range of colors. As you are buying those bags for marketing purposes, you need to focus on your brand color to make a perfect choice. Choose your brand logo and the corresponding background color. A small logo at the centre of the bag will easily be viewable to your recipients. To maintain symmetry and create a balanced look, you may choose the central part of the bag.

But, you may choose a vertically downward position when your logo includes a linear design and longer wordings. It is a unique idea of logo placement for bag customisations. Most importantly, the logo must not remain hidden from your sight.

Calico Bags Drawstring

Customise your bags with initials of your company name-

It is another interesting way of personalising your bags for a promotional campaign. When you have chosen small printed calico bags Australia, you may not get much space for customization. Thus, instead of displaying the full name of your company, you can add initials. However, you must include the brand logo to make your gift memorable to your customers.

Keep everything simple-

Minimalism is one of the important things to customise your drawstring bags. But, too much simplicity may make your bags look boring. Some brand logos comprise a number of elements, and ultimately the customised bag design will look too much complicated. Thus, place your company name and logo in a way that helps in portraying your message clearly.

Make the best use of the space-

The best part of brand promotion using a bag is the ample space you get for customization. You don’t have to compromise with your logo style, size, or any other customization methods you prefer. Some companies like to cover the available space to customise their bags. They think of printing a brand message of about 3 to 4 words to promote their business. The most intriguing brand message revealed on one side of the bag will surely serve your promotional purpose.

Choose texts that attract

While you have decided to make the best use of available space, a little effort on the creativity of text can go a long way in leaving a lasting impact on the mind of readers. So, your choice of personalizing the drawstring bag with a text should either depend on your business type or the occasion. If you are a sports company, running a library, a corporate organization, a shop owner or a club runner, make sure to choose the right kind of text. 

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Ensure good quality in your bag customization

No matter what type or process you choose for customization, make sure that you get the best quality service from the supplier. A bag printing or an embroider that is of poor quality may spoil your reputation for ever. Imagine gifting a bag to people who carry it wide and far but your logo fades away. Such gifts won’t fulfill your purpose and you would not reap the desired results from your investment. So, make sure you are getting in touch with a reputed supplier of tote shopping bags or drawstring bags so that you can expect quality service from them. If not satisfied, you can even go back to them for changes. 

Now, are you ready to place your customization order for calico bags wholesale Australia? There is a range of printing techniques for your bespoke promotional bags. With screen printing, sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, and stitching, you can display your business contact details, company name, logo, and brand message. The best printing technique ensures that your brand name will never fade away in spite of regular washes.

Thus, buy drawstring bags and turn them into the most effective marketing tool. Lightweight bags with small pockets will give the ultimate value to users. What’s more, you will find higher sales for these promotional giveaways.

Order the best quality promotional calico bags wholesale with just a few clicks. Check out all the possible designs, discuss about the customization options from the supplier and get the bags delivered at your doorstep.