How To Clean And Maintain Your Calico Bags July 20, 2021 08:00

More and more consumers are now leaning towards eco-friendly products. They have understood the value of protecting the green environment and making changes in their lifestyle also to behave more in a nature-friendly way. That is why they have started replacing the harmful plastic bags with fabric bags. Out of various types of eco-friendly bags available in the market, Calico is one of the most commonly chosen fabrics used for manufacturing these bags. While plastic bags are disposable, calico bags are reusable. You may have bought calico bags in bulk or received them as a gift from someone, as they are available at an affordable rate. The durable canvas bags will last for several years. However, how do you clean and take care of your calico bags? It is easy to keep up proper condition of these fabric bags if you follow a few easy steps of their maintenance.

Calico Bags In Bulk

When you plan to buy reusable custom bags in any type of fabric, you must be aware of different ways to keep them clean and maintained. It seems easy to manage a bag, but if you are using them as an accessory, them their freshness also matters a lot.

1st step-

Modern calico bags have decorative elements, vinyl covers, a flat cardboard, and some other elements. A rough handling can result in losing them and the design aspect. At the time of cleaning also, you should try to detach them to keep them safe. They need to be separately dusted or wiped with delicacy. After cleaning the bag, they can be attached back.

2nd step-

Take a bowl and fill it with water. Then, place your bag partially into it to check the color fastness of the fabric. Leave the wet part of the bag in the water for 10 minutes. In some cases, water removes the dye applied to your bag. Use a paper towel to squeeze the wet part. When there is no color fast issue, you may spot-clean your bag. It ensures that you can wet other parts of the bag without affecting the color. However, you can avoid this color fastness test for the white and unbleached bags.

When you buy calico bags wholesale Australia, you can find different color options. Neutral color bags are the perfect choice for those who are concerned about color fastness. If buying a colored bag, then make sure they are of high-quality that retains the color and its beauty.

3rd step-

Pre-treat the calico bag stains using your laundry stain removers. You can apply laundry bar soap, which is safe for your calico fabrics at the site of the stain. Wet a part of the laundry bar to rub it on your bag’s stain. While using any stain remover for the fabric, you must read the manufacturer's instructions. You will get the best outcome while avoiding any damage to your bag. For different fabrics like calico, canvas, cotton, or jute, different stain remover will work. Be specific in choosing them to ensure that your fabric remains strong and does not wear off due to hard chemicals.

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4th step-

Now, you have to rinse your calico bags to wash them. After washing, do not squeeze much and try to tumble dry the bag in shade. Bags that do not have decorative items are machine washable. Washing machine can damage the decorative pieces added to the bags. Cheap plain calico bags are easy to clean with regular methods. However, do not dry them in strong sun as it will lead to the fading of the color..

Some branded bags include a care tag that gives instructions. You can check them before cleaning your bags as they are specifically mentioned keeping the bag fabric and design in mind. 

5th step-

Manual scrubbing is safe for any fabric bags. Apply a soft scrub brush to make your scrubbing process more effective. Put the brush into some mild laundry cleaner and warm water. This cleaner does not damage your delicate fabrics. Shake off the bag to remove water. You can easily remove dirt from your bag fabrics. Do not use tough brush of any fabric as it will not only remove the color but will also weaken the fabric. 

6th step-

The cleaning steps are now over. You have to dry the bags properly to reuse them. Leave the bags to get them dry naturally. The air-drying process is safe, as the machine can result in shrinkage to your bag fabrics. Do not leave the bag in hot sun for too long. 

These are the best ways to clean and maintain your calico bags. However, why buying them, make sure that you choose good fabric only. Find wide variety of wholesale custom calico bags in different sizes and order them in bulk for doorstep delivery. Order now!