How To Beautify Your Tote Bags - Interesting Tips March 3, 2020 08:00

Tote bags exemplify an interesting (and intriguing) aspect of the culture-scape that distinguishes modern human society. On the one hand, these products project a visible statement that spotlights the contemporary woman's right to assert herself in public spaces. On the other hand, tote bags present a wonderful canvas that allows manufacturers to explore (and expand) the scope of utility-based carriage item designed specifically for the modern woman. In addition, tote bags lend themselves marvelously to all manner of creative output and attempts at beautification that uplift the aesthetics of personal carriage products. These reusable tote bags, if designed creatively, can go a long way in grabbing the maximum share in the space of bags, especially, in the wake of worldwide boycott of plastic bags.

We will examine a few beauty tips that can elevate the eco-friendly tote bag into a fluid demonstration of playful, modern art.

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Block-printed Designs

Plain vanilla versions of tote bags fashioned from cotton fabric invite the modern user to emboss block printed designs. Such reusable tote bags can be acquired at cheap unit rates from mass manufacturers; when processed, these articles can present stunning visual statements of avant-garde design. Contrast colors can help bring remarkable visual effects to the fore, transforming an ordinary tote bag into a first-class fashion statement. Creators can educate themselves on block printing techniques prior to embarking on such unique design ventures. These printed bags are greatly being used as a preferred mode of brand promotion among businesses which cater to women or children by offering related products.

Bells and Whistles

Thick stretches of string bearing different colors, tiny metal objects, acrylic-based designs, patches of deep color, and sewn-in stretches of fabric, tassels, and graphic prints empower designers to output unique pieces of tote bags. The creative skills of a designer can help organize such an ensemble into unique pieces of merchandise such as canvas tote bags Australia. The bespoke effects that result from such activity can promote the average tote bag into a topic of conversation (or an ice-breaker) at social gatherings. During birthday parties, house warming parties, and festivals, you can order such designed online tote bags in bulk and offer to your guests as a gift. Brand marketers and promoters use such bags to customize with their name as well to get among the people and leave their mark among new prospects.

Large Pockets, External Zippers

Fancy metal zippers can add a touch of flair and sheer utility to the promotional tote bags Australia. An artistic individual can source lengths of zippers from commercial suppliers and sew these on to the body of a tote bag. These metallic stretches can encase a large external pocket on one side of the tote bag, and present a mish mash of visual design on the other side. Interesting effects can follow, allowing the individual to project a unique style statement through the bag. Zippers of different consistency can help elaborate the message. However, for such kind of designing, you might need to communicate the same to the manufacturers because adding zipper or side pockets need to get done at the time of manufacturing itself.

Leather Slings

A tote bag gains a distinctive look when creators affix multiple leather slings (or loops) to the body of such products. Flat stretches of slim leather can add weight to the bag and enhance the ability of users to carry product. That said; these slings must be affixed professionally using double stitching techniques in order to enhance grip. We note cheap canvas tote bags wholesale gain economic value through the addition of quality leather loops and slings. Interested users can choose to embellish leather loops with etched designs as part of efforts to beautify the product. This addition makes the bag look more stylish and is a good promotional product among the college goers and youth. However, ladies and women of all ages use sling tote bags these days, so your scope of users is really wide and divers with these kinds of specially designed bags.

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Wonders of Abstract Art

Large sections of abstract art, when embossed through screen printing techniques, can work wonders for commercially available tote bags. Expanses of shimmering color, large representations of sail boats, houses, the human form, fruits, and natural objects can populate the side panels of such tote bags. The average user can explore the many expressions of abstract art and commission screen printing professionals to elevate the modern tote bag. The outcomes can include eye-catching carriage products that help project a personal style statement, or the nucleus of a successful commercial venture in designing and marketing bespoke soft carriage products.

Promotional customization

This can also be considered as a type of beautification which does the dual job of beautifying the item as well as promoting a brand. Here, you can be creative by choosing the right combination of color of the bag that reflects your company’s name or logo. Printing your logo on canvas tote bags or other tote bags coming from different material can really last long as an advertisement tool among you users, customers, or future prospects. A number of business owners from different industry verticals including micro, small or medium scale businesses are using cheap canvas tote bags wholesale as a freebie among their users. After choosing the bag, they are getting their business logo printed on it to distribute them among people at different occasions. During festivals, long weekends, big purchases, foundation day, or as a reward for some qualifying customers, you can use this bag to offer to your customers and clients. 

There are other DIY ways of beautification as well. For any upcoming event, you can place a bulk order and go ahead with a creative style of their customization. For business promotion purpose, you need to find a reliable supplier of cheap tote bags online and place order in bulk to get a good deal on the cost. You can get the customization done also by the same supplier as most of the promotional bag suppliers offer printing or personalization service as well.