How To Beautify Your Plain Cotton Bags? June 18, 2021 08:00

A plain cotton bag is an accessory in itself. Its simplicity is what makes it different and exclusive. It can be carried to your workplace, beach, shopping, and outing or to carry books. Since they are plain and without any particular pattern, they fit anywhere for any use. Also, these blank bags are available in various colors and sizes to meet the needs of people of all ages. You can buy them in attractive shapes and colors like green, blue, white, black, yellow, or natural color. The variety of colors make these bags the coolest one and suitable for application across a number of usage. Especially, with the ban on plastics cotton bags, they have gained immense popularity. Usually cotton bags come in plain patterns. But their beauty can be enhanced by adding some patterns. This gives a chance to be creative and increase the value of these bags.

Blank Cotton Tote Bags

However, if you are bored with the old plain cotton bag and need to give a twist to your existing bag, we can help you with some ideas. Moreover, if the fabric of the bag is fine, then there is no point is discarding the bag, instead you should design them creatively to give an all new look to the existing plain bag.  Let’s get to know how to beautify such plain bags.

How to beautify plain cotton bags at home?

You can jazz up plain cotton bags in dozens of ways. There is no special skill as such required to beautify them. There are various DIY and easy ideas which can help you to do it without spending much of your time and money. Listed below are a few of them.

1)      You can use fabric paint or fabric marker with a free hand or maybe a stencil. Make your own design or search for a beautiful design online and copy that.

2)      Iron-on transfer stickers or designs are a great way to get a beautiful print on the fabric. Various types of such stickers are available online and you can buy them easily at great prices. No special technique is needed to get them done.

3)      You can try vinyl transfer from silhouette or cricut machine. A little try on your own can help or simply read the instructions provided to get them done successfully.

4)      You can try something with glue and embellishments. Stick some design patches, glasses, beads or other decorative materials and create a look of your own.

5) Try embroidery if you know or get it done by any expert. A little design in the corner or at the top and bottom of the bag can help you a lot. Most of the bulk buyers get plain bags embroidered with business logo by the supplier if they have to use them promotional purpose.

These are some of the things that you can try at home. These ways will beautify your simple plain cotton tote bag and help you explore your creative side.

How to beautify plain cotton bags for promotional purposes?

The trend to carry cotton bags to market, shopping, vegetable market, beach, grocery shopping or any outing is increasing. This is because they are convenient, durable and easy to carry. Looking at the popularity various organizations came with the idea to use it as a promotional bag. This is an excellent idea.

1)      The blank cotton tote bags can easily be beautified or customized as per one’s business. The easiest way to beautify them is by adding the company name and logo on the plain cotton bag. This will give much needed exposure also.

2)      Plain cotton bags can be beautified by adding the company's logo and contact details. This will help the audience to directly contact you.

3)      You can add the company name and tagline on the plain cotton bags and give them a new look.

These are a few ways of beautifying promotional reusable bags. This increases the value of bags and makes new customers for the business.

Wholesale Cotton Drawstring Bags

Promotional cotton bags- The best reusable bags

The best part about cotton bags is that they are reusable bags. So everyone likes to own these smart bags. Who will not love such a useful gift or freebie? So using wholesale cotton drawstring bags as promotional bags is an excellent idea. People take more interest in your offerings and even market the same with their friends and relatives. Moreover the price of overall manufacturing of these bags is quite affordable. So it can easily be used for promotion purposes. The amount of money spent in the overall process is worth the results you get. This is a convenient and affordable method of promotion of business.

 Find a wide variety of promotional reusable bags in cotton or other eco-friendly materials online and buy them in bulk at wholesale rates. Order now!