How Do Totes Differ From A Purse And Shoulder Bag? January 29, 2021 08:00

The category of bags has huge collection of different types in varying designs, colors, and patterns. Their utility also varies a lot and the different types cater to varying needs of the people. People usually keep a few common types needed in their daily lifestyle like the shopping bags, sling bags, hand bags, and backpacks. One of these common types is the totes which are high in demand in the normal market as well as the online stores. But there are many people who still are doubtful as what exactly totes are and what are they used for?

You must get your doubt answered as it has become a trend to use recycled tote bags on any occasion. However, while searching for bag designs, you can find a number of choices, like a purse and shoulder bag. Every bag has its distinctive style. But, how do totes differ from a purse and shoulder bag? A brief discussion will let you understand the difference.

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Totes versus purse- Which is a better choice for you?

If you are up to buying a new bag and not sure whether a purse will fit your need or a tote then, you must understand the utility of both.

Capacity of two bag designs-

Totes are the best reusable shopping bags capable of carrying bigger items. When your small purse cannot accommodate your stuff, you can prefer totes. For instance, while you go out to meet someone and would be back soon, a purse can fit your need. But if you are going out for long in any outdoor location where you wish to carry more stuffs like bottles or clothes, you can choose a tote.

Designs and compartments-

A purse has multiple small pockets and compartments. You can keep your mobile safe in the purse. They also come in stylish designs which make it suitable for special occasions and parties as well. Their stylish design goes with your outfit also. However, totes have a high functional value with an open-top design. They can definitely accommodate a lot of thing, are durable and good for heavy duty usage also. But, a purse has a zippered compartment and a more compact structure.

Size of the bags-

Tote bags are usually larger in size than the purses which have a limitation in the maximum size they could have. This is one of the reasons, totes are chosen as a product for business gifting as it provides wider space for logo printing. You can buy recycled tote bags wholesale and choose them as promotional gifts for your customers too. Totes are bigger bags with strong shoulder straps. You can please your customers with these quality bags. On the contrary, a purse is a smaller model, although some purse designs include cross-body straps and shoulder straps. You can check out these features while buying any of these bags.

Where to use-

You can take totes to a grocery store, gym, library, and beach. However, a purse is the best for daily commuters when they don’t need to carry any heavy thing.

Totes versus shoulder bags- Which one to choose-

The number of straps-

The easiest way to differentiate shoulder bags from totes is to check the straps. In most cases, totes have two straps, while shoulder bags have one. The strap design may not be an important factor for users. However, it is essential to know about the functionality.

The content of your totes is more easily accessible, as they open wider. You may carry them in your arm and on your shoulder. A few of them also come with zipper to allow more safety of the things kept inside.

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Materials used for the bags-

There are different fabrics used for shoulder bags, and you can choose the most durable ones. Similarly, modern tote bags are highly resilient, and while buying corporate tote bags, you can check their eco-friendly fabrics. From canvas to jute, all types of bag fabrics are available for you.

Interiors of the bags-

There are pockets both inside and outside the shoulder bags. You can find zippers to secure your stuff.

Totes have a single open design with interior pockets. Still, you can organize your items, as they have a roomy interior.

You have now understood different bag designs, like a tote, shoulder bag, and purse. For commercial and business usage, totes make the best choice which can easily be customized. They are also suitable to be presented to different types of users on various occasions like long weekends, festivals, or sale.

You can place your order for recyclable bags with logo of your brand. Bags are one of the best promotional gifts for customers and employees. You may find an innovative way of personalizing your bags and use them for the right purpose.