Hessian Bags Wholesale April 24, 2017 17:18

Hessian Bags as an alternative to Plastic products

The world needs to be eco-friendlier as we are facing the relapses of toxicities and polluted air through Global warming. People are turning vegan and getting awareness about the unhealthy condition of our green planet. The planet is facing danger by the reduced amount of drinkable water, toxic materials causing harm to marine life, climate changes and ozone depletion. One of the pioneers of creating this problem is plastic. In our age, everything we use from the hair brush to food wraps everything contains plastic which is harmful to our nature. Companies tried to give us a better option by using paper but using a tonne of paper causes the death of plants and the chemicals used to dye papers are harmful to us. Neither paper nor plastic is enough durable to be used for a longer time. So, we need to use reusable bags like Hessian bags to help the planet be greener and safer.

Some facts on Hessian Bags

  • The hessian fabric is a woven material usually created by using jute or sisal plant fibres. For ages, the fabric has been used to make ropes, nets and rug.
  • The Hessian fabric is very dense in nature which makes it coarse. It has a light brown colour. If bleached it can be off off-white colour. Reusable bags have a more refined hessian fabric because of it being used for daily purposes.
  • Jute is widely found in areas receiving a good amount of rainfall like India and Bangladesh. Jute is the material used in sacks for packing purposes. Jute doesn’t require any fertilisers or pesticides which make it a toxic-free Jute bags are sturdy enough to carry great loads.
  • Hessian being a plant fibre is totally biodegradable and can also be recycled to form new products made out of it. They can easily be composted and made into natural fertilisers.
  • Hessian is eco-friendly and also skin friendly which makes it good to use for carrying food products and laundry.
  • Even sisal plants do not require pesticides or fertilisers and grow abundantly in hot and dry places like Tanzania.

Using hessian bags as a Promotional Object

In the era of minimalism and nature rights, hessian bags are a good promotional item. Using reusable product as an object of promotion will guarantee to give you satisfied clients who find you eco-friendly and sustainable. Searching hessian bags wholesale on the internet will get you sites in Australia which will help you to get good quality cheap hessian bags made and customised with your company logo or credentials. The sturdy bags will be carried by people who can use it as a gym bag, lunch bag, shopping bag or a grocery bag. It will be a walking promotion where people will be influenced to check your company out. Using eco-friendly tools help people trust you and create awareness among a greater crowd on some healthy alternatives to toxic materials like plastic or about deforestation's caused by paper industry.