Hessian Bags April 26, 2017 20:36

Why choose Hessian bags over plastic bags?

The United States had imported second handbags which were mainly made of plain jute fabrics. Over the years, these bags came to be called as hessian bags. These hessian bags are comprised of a simple woven cloth material out of a single yarn. When the jute bags were imported, the US termed these as hessian gunny bags, hessian gunny cloth, sacking gunny cloth and sacking gunny bags. These jute bags served various purposes: nursery stock, grain, vegetables, flour, sugar, fertilizer, etc

 Hessian bags are a bi-product of jute bags. Hessian bags are one of the best eco-friendly products that one can adopt to take an active participation to save the environment from those harmful and poisonous plastic bags. Few of the advantages of such bags are as follows:

  1. These bags are reusable and also recycled. One can use hessian bags for various purposes at a time: around a factory or for shopping so that one need not have to keep on replacing these bags.


  1. Hessian bags are biodegradable unlike plastic bags and therefore environmentally friendly. Getting hessian bags for self-equals to doing something productive for the environment in order to save it from plastic bags.


  1. Bags made from hessian fabric are tough and long lasting. One need not worry about the fabric to get worn out very fast and therefore the need to change it immediately.


  1. Hessian bags are quite popular to store agricultural products like animal fodder. They are also capable of storing rice. Vegetables and fruits are also ideal for getting stored in such hessian bags, especially when bought in bulk.


  1. These bags are readily available in heavyweight or lightweight according to one’s own needs. For instance, while storing fruits and vegetables in such bags, one needs lightweight bags for preserving citrus fruits whereas, heavyweight hessian bags in case of potatoes.


  1. These are available in various shapes and sizes according to one’s requirements. One can also get it custom made for the right size of their products.


  1. Value for money is crucial while selecting hessian bags. The company producing the hessian bags should take care of the materials or fabrics provided to its customers. The name of the company might get ruined if the purpose is not served by the bag. The solution to this need to be cost effective and necessarily need not be the cheapest of all; it needs to do the exact job as it is supposed to do, thereby maintaining the company’s reputation.


  1. Hessian bags can also be served as promotional tools. Promotion in the form of advertisements is quite worthy these days. Logos or images printed on these bags will serve the companies purpose righteously.

The hessian bags wholesale market currently has gained much profit as most of the citizens of the country are taking active participation in using cloth bags to serve their purposes in replacement of plastic bags, in order to keep the environment free from toxic chemicals emitted by the synthetic materials (plastic bags).