Here Are The Top 5 Handicraft Items Made Out Of Old Bags July 16, 2021 08:00

With waste build-ups rising, people and the government has started to promote waste management, environmental awareness, and recyclable sustainable options. People from all around the world look for eco-friendly options when they head to shop and are also coming up with creative ideas to up cycle their existing resources. Sustainable options in fashion like reusable eco bags have been quite popular for the past few years as well. Recycling has become the need for the hour and if you are also looking for ways to recycle your bags, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be listing top handicrafts made using old bags. Believe it, not a single thing is waste in this world of creativity where there is a perfect use of the used items. Especially, when they are naturally made ecobags, they are never waste and can be used wisely for other purposes. So, here are a few usage of the same.

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Transform into beach bags

If you are planning for a fun day at the beach, and looking for a cool bohemian kind of bag to carry your essentials, then you can make one yourself and save some serious amount of money. Personalized tote bags wholesale can be made using produce bags. All you need to do is grab a produce bag and sew cotton belts in a way to make a handle for it. And here you go, your beach bag is ready. To uplift its aesthetics, you can do vegetable stamping using fabric colors or stitch quirky batches on it. You can also find plenty of other ways to beautify the bags and play with its handles. Finding some cool designs on the internet is also possible that will not require you to spend any significant amount.

Cushion Covers

If you have a pile of promotional tote bags cheap piling in your home, you can transform them using a simple hack. Just grab some cheap cotton and stuff it in the bags and sew the opening. Add custom designs or paint them using fabric colours. You can also do a little thread work before sewing them or a little glass work. Your personalized handicraft cushions are ready to ramp up your living room. The use of canvas bags can give the look of a rusty cushion cover, especially to keep in the car. They would be durable and safe for rough use as well. Many people prefer to have such cushions for their pets and you can also use them for the purpose after cleaning the bags properly and refurbishing them as a cushion cover.

Hanging pots

Fabric hanging pots are very popular these days but they are expensive if purchased from a store. You can create them yourself using custom promotional tote bags that are lying at your home. Just cut the tote bags vertically from the middle and sew the two opened sides to make two pots from one bag. Add cotton handles to make a provision to hang. You can plant light weighed plants in them, and the fabric makes water passage convenient as well. You can get the fabric dyed in different colors to make them more attractive. You can also think of covering your existing old pots with different color bag fabrics like the denim one to give them a different look. Take them out for washing when needed.

Boho Necklace

You can cut strips of old cotton bags that you wish to discard and dye them using food coloring. Now tie these strips around a thick thread to create an asymmetrical design. Your DIY boho lightweight neck piece is ready. There are various tutorials online that you can check out. However, for this, you might need to do a little research to get the ideas for better designs. After all, its is meant to enhance your looks so choose your design wisely and add embellishments to beautify it further.

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DIY Organizer

DIY experts use small sturdy shopping bags to create a desk organizer or drawer organizer to sort their stationery or make-up products. You can even play around colors and create fun organizers by coloring each bag of separate color.

Creativity comes with endless options and opens new avenues. It is in your will how you want to channelize it and create something unique using your resources and creativity. We hope this article helped you in giving some cool ideas and you are all set to create your DIY project using old bags in your home.

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