Five Craft Ideas With A Fabric Bag March 12, 2021 08:00

Have you invested in cheap promotional bags with logo to use them as corporate gifts? Or have you received any such bag which is not in use now? Nowadays, businesses of different sizes choose cloth bags and other fabric bags to attract customers with these useful gifts. You would have also made a good collection of such bags in various sizes and colors. These cotton bags are highly useful as the durable shopping bags. We can use these bags every time we go to a grocery shop. Some of them might be serving your purpose now and some would have faded away to be kept hanging for too long. Colorful fabric bags are also useful for different other purposes. There are ways to engage in some fun activities using these bags. With your creativity and craft kits, you can reuse your old cotton bags and canvas bags.

Have a glance at the 5 best crafts with a fabric bag.

Custom Printed reusable shopping bags

Give a twist to your bracelets-

Do you have plastic bracelets and bangles? Then, you can beautify their look by using your cotton bags. Cut a long narrow strip out of your colorful cloth bags. Then, start wrapping strip around the bangles. Your bangles will have a new look and you may match them with any outfit. It is one of the easiest crafts done with beautiful custom printed reusable shopping bags. Not only with bangles, you can also twist them to make bracelet. Especially if you are having any denim bag, them its cut strip can give you a very funky look if worn as a wrist band or a cloth bracelet. Adding a single bead in the centre can add to the style.

From cloth bags to rugs-

For this craft, you need personalised reusable shopping bags made of woven fabrics. Take some fabric strips out of your old cotton clothes and start braiding them with your sewing machine. This process helps you in making small and large rugs. You may also rely on your hand stitching technique to weave the braids together.

However, there are different ways of designing rugs from cloth bags. For instance, you may design a crocheted and coiled circular rug by applying the basket making technique. Use your crocheting skills to make your craft successful. Cotton bag, canvas bag or even jute bag is suitable for making rugs. If you find it difficult yourself, then take the help of professionals who do weaving and stitching for more professional outcome.

Use your tote to make purses-

Nowadays, several businesses invest in reusable tote bags bulk package. However, when the tote looks old due to the regular use, users can transform their design. It is easy to convert a tote into a purse. You know that totes are slightly bigger than purses. Thus, use your scissors to cut the bag from the middle section. Buy a zipper and stitch it to the open end of the piece. You will find a beautiful customised purse. For more beautification, you can paste any brooch, any badge or something like this on the corner. In plain cotton bag, a little art with fabric color, stitching, or embroidery can also give a descent look to your purse.

Use bags to make flowers-

Your cloth bags can become one of the major items for your DIY craft to make flowers. Using colorful bags, you can create decorative flowers. Take the strips cut out of the bag and use them to make your bow-shaped flowers. Then, you may stitch this DIY flower to another fabric bag and make it look new. It can be a highly personalized gift for someone who love as it will reflect your artistic angle and your effort in designing a gift. Not only this, make your own bouquet with these cloth bag and place on your table for added look.

personalised reusable shopping bags

Create a jumping rope using your bag-

You may need a number of bags for this craft. A jumping rope is one of the playthings for both kids and adults. Cut your old grocery bags into strips and tie them together. You have to braid them tightly to make your rope sturdier. However, you may need to add handles separately to the rope. Use any old plastic cone or handles of an old rope to attach to the ends. This homemade jumping rope is one of the interesting crafts with your fabric bags. For small kids, make a rope of their size and give to your kids to keep them engaged. 

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