Feeling Pain While Carrying Totes? Know The Reasons And Solutions October 5, 2021 08:00

Have you bought wholesale custom tote bags for your customers? The eco-friendly bags are now the best choice for modern customers. Several retailers and other business owners buy these bags in bulk to provide custom-designed bags to their customers. Environmentally conscious customers have started replacing their plastic carriers with these fabric bags. Most of the time they get it as a free giveaway, however, people are also buying these bags personally for friends and families.

However, there is one big complaint of tote bag users. They claim that the regular use of these tote bags is causing strain on their buttocks, backs, shoulders, and arms, but there are several reasons behind this problem. If you offer such bags to your prospects, they are most likely avoid using them and your investment for promotion of your brand would go in vain. So, while you plan to invest money on promotional eco-bags, you should consider a few factors to get the maximum ROI.

So, before buying the custom reusable tote bags bulk, you have to know a few things about them.

Custom Tote Bags In Bulk

Your bag can be very heavy-Why?

You would have chosen a spacious tote bag to put lots of things into it. However, as you have loaded several items, your bag can become too weighty. Although it can accommodate your personal items, you have to focus on your carrying capacity.

The overloaded bag can cause stress on your shoulders and hips. While you use the overloaded tote every day, you may suffer from chronic pain. You will also feel unbalanced due to this problem. Thus, pack your bags carefully to keep your shoulders and muscles healthy. Lighten your load based on your endurance level. 

Your bag might not be ergonomic-

Backpack and tote users claim that they feel pain in their neck, back, and shoulders. To avoid this problem, the choice of the right bag is important. While placing an order for custom tote bags in bulk, you have to check their ergonomic designs.  For instance, some bags have pads on handles and shoulder straps. The cushioned part will help you in relieving your stress. Your muscles will not feel strained. The best backpacks also have padded back straps for the proper distribution of weight. On top of that, they have waist bands which shares the load and you do not feel heavy anymore.

The tote shopping bags also come with wooden handles. They are also easy for your hands and do not put much strain. While buying bags in bulk, you must check for the handle types.

You are a one-sided bag user-

It is one of the major mistakes which may cause pain on different parts of your body. While using, it might not be apparent, but over the time, it leaves your muscles in pain and also affects your posture.

You may have a habit of carrying the tote bag on one shoulder throughout your journey. Hang the bag on your right and left shoulders alternately. It is one of the best tricks to avoid strain of your shoulders and arms. When one of your shoulders is carrying the load for several hours, you will feel pain.

So, the best advice is to use shoulder bags by making them hang along both the shoulders. This is a nice and safe practice for your health.

Plain Tote Bags Bulk

Look for tote bags with good straps-

Bags with thicker straps can reduce your stress. The thick fabric straps will not make your shoulders feel discomfort. While buying printed and plain tote bags bulk, you have to check the strap designs. Some manufacturers mention the width of the straps of the shoulder bags.

Your tote is not broad based

A bag that just hangs with all the stuffs inside at one place will seem heavier. However, a broad-based bag with compartments in between will distribute the weight equally and will not make you feel the weight. The things kept inside also get proper space and do not mingle with each other causing you the convenience. They also feel good to be carried even to far off distances.  

Do workouts every day to avoid the potential pain symptoms-

Before pain strikes your arms, shoulders, and backside, you have to take preventive steps. As you need to carry loads regularly, your muscles become weak. That is why you have to do physical workouts. Your shoulder and neck muscles will become stronger. You may not feel the pain while carrying the tote bag and backpack.

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