Facts That You Must Know About The Non-Woven Bags February 18, 2022 08:00

Have you started replacing your plastic carriers with eco-friendly bags? Well, the world is doing so and it is a must for all of us to make it a practice for the overall good of our environment. If you seriously wish to carry your bag along with you while going outside, then the options are plenty for your varying needs and occasions. You will find a myriad of options while searching for reusable and environment-friendly bags both in online market and in brick-and-mortar stores. These days even the business owners choose to go with reusable bags while offering their products to the buyers or customers. Several retailers invest in bulk non-woven bags, as they wish to promote their businesses with these carriers. They get these bags customized with their business logo to create the branding effect. 

Cheap Non Woven Bags

So, these bags have gained quite popularity across all domains, but you just know about their features and some unknown facts to buy them with more conviction. 

Raw materials used in the non-woven bags-

Non-woven fabrics like polypropylene are the most commonly chosen materials used for these bags. The non-woven fabric has a high-polymer component and filament yarn to make it usable. Bags made of this fabric are eco-friendly and cost-effective. You will get advertising opportunities with non-woven custom tote bags wholesale. Print the bags with your business name and other details for promotional purposes. 

Plastic bags are made of polyethylene. Although both polyethylene and polypropylene seem to be similar, they have a different chemical structure. The chemical configuration of polyethylene is stable, and that is why it does not degrade easily. Plastic bags take more than 200 years to undergo decomposition. But, for non-woven bags, it is 90 days. For this reason, you can increase the use of non-woven PP bags. 

Learn about the production technique- 

Non-woven bag production processes are of different types-
Spunlace- With micro-fine water jet treatment, the fiber mesh layers get entangled. It results in the development of a reinforced fiber network with a high level of strength.

Heat-sealed bag- It is another process involving the use of fibrous hot-melt adhesive material. The heated and cooled fiber web undergoes the cooling process. 

Spunbonded non-woven totes- By stretching the polymer, manufacturers create a continuous filament, which is placed into a net. The reinforcement process plays a role in making a non-woven fabric. 

Uses of non-woven bags-

Non-woven bags have a range of applications in the market.

  • Store your kids’ toys-

Cheap non-woven bags are used for different storage purposes. You can keep the toys organized in the bags and your kids may easily access them. Many big size bags when not used for outdoor needs are used at home to store errands which need to be kept safe.

  • Going to the library-

You may need to carry library books and other kits with these bags. The spacious tote bags accommodate your personal items, and as they are not bulky, you can carry them easily.

Non Woven PP Bags

However, these totes do not have a zippered design, and that’s why you must not overload them. Check the straps and other parts of the bags before buying them. They are suitable to be used in the library as people like to be experimental these days with bags and wish to explore different varieties they can use. So, buy non-woven bags with shoulder straps or slings to carry to books while visiting the nearby library.

  • Best bags for gym goers-

Why should you buy a costly duffel bag to hold your fitness kits? The best alternative is the non-woven bag made of reusable fabrics. You can carry around these bags to attend your gym class. Store your things in an easily accessible manner and make your visit to the gym easier. While not in use, you can also wash your bags at home and keep them fresh for future use.

  • Non-woven bags for beach travelers-

You might not like to carry your bulky backpack to the beach. The lightweight and most functional bags are the non-woven ones. Although sands may get into your bags, you can wash them easily. These bags with withstand outdoor weather condition and can be washed easily for sun drying. If you wish to bag to look the same always, then choose some naturel or plain color of the bag.

Thus, you can now invest in non-woven bags useful for multiple purposes. These bags do not cost high, and you may easily buy them for your needs.

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