Do Men Like To Use Fabric Tote Bags? February 15, 2022 08:00

Are the totes designed only for women? Well, these is a question in everyone’s mind, still less talked about. You would have heard the myth that men look odd while carrying totes. Several guys do not think of using totes for everyday purposes. They think that briefcases, duffle bags, and messenger bags are more masculine. But, with growing awareness on eco-friendly totes and diversifying fashion sense, the choice of bags is not only limited to women. There are unisex bag materials as well as designs and totes are one of them. They well-designed totes can never affect the fashion of a young man. There has been a rising trend of buying reusable tote bags wholesale in the past few years even by men and there have been fashion shows as well displaying macho men with cloth bags or totes. 

Thus, you can keep away from myths and show your bold attitude to be unique. Encourage other men to carry totes for different purposes and always prefer eco-friendly fabrics for all your bag needs.

Custom Reusable Tote Bags

Both female and male consumers need to carry lots of things like mobiles, wallets, books, and headphones. The best fact is that the modern totes have a functional, utilitarian, and gender-neutral design. That is why both male and female users can use totes confidently. The latest tote designs will surely appeal to your masculine sensibilities. 

If you are also one of the male members considering a bag, still hesitant about purchasing one, we can help you by giving some wise hacks to make your decision worth it. 

Never be concerned about the bag’s handles-

While buying the tote bags wholesale Australia, you may have found some models with large handles. However, these large handles do not make a bag look feminine. They are sturdy handles that do not get torn due to the heavy weight of your stuff. Even if you are carrying some heavy material inside, they would be able to bear the weight. So, choose any bag with strong handles. These days, they come even with straps to make your experience more convenient. 

Colors are universal; pick your favourite one

Women like to carry light coloured bags with floral prints, polka dots, classic designs, and other similar prints. For instance, pinkish fabric bags can be the lovely option for women of any age. But, there is no dearth of choice for men’s tote bags. These days men are going with any sort of design and color irrespective of labelling it a feminine design or a male design. However, for your satisfaction and preferences, you can choose any bold color, plain or natural color as well. They are fit for both men and women.

Colours associated with masculinity-

Khaki, navy, brown, black, and other bold shades are the common bag colours for men. Moreover, solid-coloured bags are available with custom prints. So not only can you choose the base color of the bag but also the design on it that gives it a masculine look. Customise a tote shopper bag with an inspiring message of your choice and make the bag speak that it’s a man’s bag. There are multiple ways of customising the bag, and you can make your tote unique. Based on your needs, you can add feminine and masculine touches to the tote bags.

The functional value of totes are undeniable-

Men can never avoid using the handy totes due to their ease of access and standard sizes. You may easily throw your stuff inside the bag. You can use a tote as your gym bag, beach bag, grocery bag, and a bag for storing small kits. Totes are mostly available in rectangular designs, so they can hold your essentials and keep them organised. For your varying needs, choose to have different bags and tote can be one of the best choices.

Reusable Tote Bags Wholesale

Show your personality with the tote bags-

Custom reusable tote bags have a multi-purpose design, and you can use them for showing your personality. Available with intricate design details, these totes can match your personality.

Nowadays, consumers like to invest in fabric totes, which are sturdy and cost-effective. Young men will never find the totes boring. The specially designed totes can accommodate your needs.

Especially, men with an active lifestyle can find these bags highly valuable. Some high-end totes have pouches to hold cell phones and accessories. Thus, you can replace your disposable plastic bags with the quality tote bags of different sizes and shapes.

Find a wide variety of tote bags in different colors that can be the best choice for your needs. Pick a color of your choice and get it customized the way you want. For promotional needs, you can get your business logo printed on the bag and run a campaign with rewarding returns.