Different Types Of Canvas And Their Amazing Usage August 14, 2020 08:00

The demand for natural fabrics has gone significantly high these days. The world has understood the importance of sustainable resources and people are working to come out with innovative ways to deploy nature-friendly materials in various things of daily usage. If we talk about fabrics, the rising use of canvas bags throw light on how popular this fabric has become these days. This has really emerged as a very useful, preferred and versatile fabric used across a number of things manufactured these days.

Canvas is one of the eco-friendly fabrics used for a variety of purposes. We used to choose canvas fabrics to ensure a protection against moisture, sun, wind, rain. However, nowadays, these reusable fabrics have turned out to be the best choice for manufacturing handbags, air bags of cars, tarps, tents, and boat sails. You can look for beautiful canvas tote bags wholesale packages and get value from amazing features of the fabric.

Canvas has become the most acceptable fabric due to its unique features and properties. However, you can find slight differences in features based on the type of canvas you have chosen. Canvas is processed through the use of different materials. A few of them are mentioned below.

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Cotton canvas made of cotton-

 Lots of textile manufacturers use cotton canvas that has a medium-level strength. While it is wet, it may take time to dry. One of the notable properties is that cotton canvas fabrics are high absorbent of water. But, by adding chemicals, we can make it waterproof and decrease the flammability of this fabric. Cotton canvas have become popular for some reason-

  • It is easy to weave and spin to form tight, uniform cloth textures
  • It is a cheaper option and available easily
  • It has a higher wet swelling potential.

Canvas made of synthetic fibres-

You can find canvas fabrics with synthetic fibres in their compositions. However, while some canvas fabrics have 100% synthetic fibres, others have a presence of natural fibres. The most advantageous fact about synthetic fibres is that they make the canvas lightweight. Moreover, they are highly resistant to water and mildews. For heavy-duty purposes, manufacturers choose these synthetic canvas fabrics. Most commonly, these fabrics have a blend of nylon and polyester.

Linen canvas fabrics-

Linen canvas looks like the cotton ones, and most of the professional artists use this fabric. They are highly used as a background for acrylic painting. Linen is a natural fibre woven into a type of canvas fabric. The notable properties of linen canvas are-

  • It has high absorbent capacity.
  • It is stronger while compared to cotton.
  • It is not much elastic, and thus, it does not restore its original size when stretched.

Hemp canvas-

The term, canvas, comes from cannabis. Known as one of the best rope-making materials, hemp can turn out to be the major component of canvas fabrics. When you are looking for mould-resistant fabrics, you can choose hemp canvas. Other inherent properties of hemp canvas are-

  • Capable of withstanding a higher temperature level without degrading quality
  • Highly elastic in nature
  • Help in repelling insects

These are some of the known ways of manufacturing canvas fabrics and their different types. When you have purchased canvas bags Australia, you can surely find value from the tightly woven, thick fabrics. Whatever be the type of canvas used by the manufacturers, canvas bags wholesale packages are available at a reasonable price. Some canvas fabrics are waterproof materials, and bags, designed with these fabrics, are the best choice for your regular uses.

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Canvas Bags: The most common use of canvas fabric

Canvas, apart from its other diversified usage, is highly used in the manufacturing of bags which are rapidly replacing the plastic bags across the world. Bags made out of them come in different sizes and in different designs. People of every type and every taste would find a piece of their interest. Not only this, the plain or blank canvas bags, even offers you the option of customization or personalization as per your interest. You can buy them in bulk for a DIY activity to give it a look you want. However, the business owners these days are also choosing such canvas bags to be used as a promotional product to carry their brand logo across the customers and prospects. Usually the wholesale supplier of canvas bags, Australia offers the customization as well. You just need to choose the appropriate size of the bag and the color, rest will be done by the supplier. Get your brand name or a choicest design printed on it and use as a giveaway during occasions, festivals, or long weekends.

Thus, you can now bulk buy tote bags Australia. The leak-proof seams and abrasion-resistant fabrics will make your bag long-lasting. You may also customise those bags for promotional purposes at the best deal.