Custom Jute Bag February 23, 2018 20:06

Make the world a better place with use of Jute Bags

Jute bags have become the eco-friendly substitute for plastic bags. Everyone has used a jute bag at the certain point of time but do you know from where Jute has originated? It is a long, shiny, soft vegetable fiber which can make into coarse, strong threads. It finds its use after cotton. It has found its root from East and West Bengal particularly the southwest of Bangladesh. It is pretty affordable, and it is a very strong material is used to transfer heavy load.

How is jute bag made?

The jute fiber is extracted from the stem and ribbon of jute plant from a process called retting. Retting is done by putting the stems together and immersing it in cold water. After this, the non-fibrous material is grated off, and only the needed fibers are taken out by the workers. This work is done by hand called the stripping. After that the fibers are

The best thing about jute bag is it can be used over and over again, and it lasts very long. With Custom jute bag you can promote your company with logos. If you are thinking about customizing the bag well, you have the option of doing that too. There are many online websites or photograph shops which specialize in customizing. They provide with the bag with the option of what you would want to print on the bag.

There are many other kind of prints available online; if you shop the bags online, you will get a variety of options to choose from. I prefer buying Custom jute bag online as they are a very less cost compared to if you buy outside from a proper shopping mall. Most importantly you get to choose from thousands of option while in the market you get to choose from a limited stock.

How can you get Custom jute bag?

  • The jute bag is very handy for anyone and everyone so you can Custom jute bag for yourself as per what print you would prefer. It may be some quote or tagline stamped on the bag.
  • It may be print of your favorite animal, which is in fashion now.
  • It may be some random art or any print.
  • The print can be a combination of both the stripes which can be longitudinally or vertically.
  • Prints like photographs or landscapes can be used in the bag.

If you are in any business or have invested in any conference, you may do it with the jute bags. You may have the logo of your company printed on it, and then it will help people knowing more about your company. This will help with the building your company and promote it.

All the groceries and supermarkets already have changed into user-friendly jute bags replacing the plastics. In a business like this, it is very necessary to make a bulk order to customize the jute bags.

Let us all make a good initiative by preventing the use of plastic and saying yes to all the bio-degradable materials which do not cause any harm to mother Earth and make the world a wonderful place to live in with Zero waste policy.