Cotton Tote Bags February 1, 2018 22:43

Cotton Tote bag is the new trend now

With the world becoming more advanced and user-friendly, a lot of things are changing the use of reusable paper bags or cloth bags which are used more commonly rather than using plastic bags. In many places, plastics are already banned, and in some places, it is yet to be.

In finding an alternative for the plastic bags, the Cotton Tote bags have found their usage. You will wonder what a Tote Bag is? A Tote bag is big and not fastened with parallel handles which are from the sides of the pouch. It can occupy quite a lot of things in the space provided. Tote bags are made of various fabric materials like jute, nylon, sturdy cloth material and canvas.

Uses of Tote bags:

  • Cotton Tote bags are commonly used in supermarkets as a replacement of plastic bags for carrying the items bought. It is either offered free to the customers or they have to pay a meager amount for the bag which is eco-friendly. 
  • They are also used in meetings or any conference where the logo of the conference is printed on the Cotton Tote bags and the important items like writing pads, book and pen are given to the people in the conference. 
  • All girls have a Tote Bag in their wardrobe, and it has become a fashion statement. There are different types of Tote bags which with designs and embroidered 
  • Cotton Tote bags have numerous uses and can be used to carry anything possible, used as a gym bag, beach bag, work bag, school and college bag, travel bag

The Cotton Tote bags are very commonly used by girls and are a great idea to gift ant girl. You can find the bags on online shopping sites at a very reasonable rare which won’t be a pinch to the skin.

You may also customize a Tote bag; there are plenty of online sites those who specialize in customized gifts. You will just to give them the photo or whatever thing you want to print on the Tote bag, and they will do it accordingly.

If you are creative and love craft you can make a Tote bag for yourself. You need to follow few steps, and you will have a hand-made Tote bag for yourself.

  • Choose the fabric to be used. You can use jeans material as fabric to make a sturdy bag which can carry a heavy Chose fabric according to what you want to carry. 
  • Cut two rectangle from the fabric material used depending on the size of Tote bag you want to make, but the bag size will be little lesser than the actual size of the rectangles as the sides will be stitched. 
  • After the two rectangles are hemmed together, the edges should be curved in. 
  • Next is to cut out the fabric for the handles. Now hem the strips together. After this stitch the strips to the bag. The handle should be long enough for the bag to carry. 
  • Your Tote bag is ready to be used. You can paint on it and use other materials to make the bag more attractive.

A Tote bag is a very useful to be used on a daily basis and is the trend of the time.