Cotton Bags February 1, 2018 00:21

Cotton Bags over Plastic Bags- Why

 The Cotton bags have become an extremely popular alternative to the plastic bags or the bags that are made of non-biodegradable materials. The reason behind this is that the cloth bags are not known to cause any kind of environmental harm in comparison to the plastic bags. Pollution and the increasing effects that it has, is creating an issue worldwide. It is the responsibility of the individuals to minimize pollution and do everything possible to prevent it. The plastic bags are undoubtedly the biggest pollution sources. These bags are inefficient and they are very costly to recycle when they are disposed off. Cotton bags, on the other hand, are the perfect and the best alternatives to the plastic bags.

 Importance of Cotton Bags

 The Cotton bags are made up of cotton, which is natural, eco-friendly and also biodegradable. It helps in creating awareness against the various disadvantages that the plastic bags have over the environment. The cotton bags are important due to a number of reasons. 

  • These bags are capable of decomposing easily within a few months or even weeks in certain cases. The plastic bags, on the other hand, take almost thousand years to deteriorate. These bags remain stored and clog the drainage systems, causing pollution. 
  • The plastic bags require a lot of petroleum for producing them. It is important to save the petroleum for the future generation, as it is a non-renewable source of energy and is depleting very fast. Cotton hardly requires any farming space or water for cultivation. Cotton is cultivated in an eco-friendly manner and will not cause any kind of problems in the future. 
  • The plastic bags are generally light weighted, cheap, functional, and strong. It is true that the plastic bags are very comfortable when carrying any kind of stuff. The disadvantage of plastic bags is that they cannot be used for more than once. These bags are found littered in the parks, beaches, or streets, which can prove to be very harmful to both the animals and the humans. The Cotton bags can be used for more than one time and many things can be carried in these bags. 

The Cotton bags are nature-friendly and are very important in comparison to the plastic bags. They can be used for multiple purposes. Cotton bags can serve as primary bags, bags for carrying the daily stuff and much more. 

Reasons to use Cotton Bags 

Cotton bags are known for their strength. These bags are stronger and thicker in comparison to the plastic bags and they can be used for a long time. The Cotton bags can hold a large number of items that are heavy. Plastic bags can bear up to a certain weight only. The Cotton bags are also very stylish and they may have a logo. These bags are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes which will match the personal style of a person. Cotton bags are not only used for shopping but they can also be used for carrying the daily items.