Canvas Tote Bags April 19, 2017 18:41

Using Canvas Tote bags in Promotion

Reusable bags are being sold everywhere, and they should be adopted by every person who cares about nature. As we know, reusable bags are alternative to plastic shopping bags or materials containing toxic chemicals. Plastic has been contaminating the soil, air, and water of the Earth for quite some time and has led to overcrowded landfills and deaths of millions of animals. It is time to get educated on the subject and take up something to create less waste and more productivity. Bags like canvas bags can make a change in our nature because of its sustainability.

Canvas bags are made from a durable fabric of plain weave. Canvas has been used by painters for a long time; it has also been used in shoes, sacks, and bags used by sailors and postmen. Modern day canvas is made from cotton or linen but in the past; it was made from hemp. Old paintings are still surviving so we can guess how strong and durable canvas is compared to plastic. Organic cotton is grown ethically as is devoid of toxic chemicals making it skin and nature-friendly.

Canvas tote bags can be used as a grocery bag or for carrying gym clothes. Health conscious people are carrying their lunch to the workplace so a small lunch bag can be used to carry the lunch container and a small water bottle. They are spacious and are very easy to carry. Celebrities are often seen with tote bags of different colors and patterns, so, anyone can use it for its cost effectiveness.

Using canvas bags as a promotional item

Canvas Tote bags are really into fashion and are eco-friendly, so they are great for a promotional item. A company prints its logo on the canvas bags and distribute it to their customers. Like a bookstore can provide free tote bags to people buying books of a certain amount. The bag will be sturdy and attractive, so customers will prefer to carry it. People who see the bags will immediately form a good impression on the company because of them using good nature-friendly products.

  • Canvas bags are easy to print on, the material has a good tendency of ink transferring, and the colors do not bleed. After setting the color doesn’t faint or chip off during use or wash which makes it user-friendly and attractive to users.
  • Canvas bags are washable quite easily. So, they can be kept germ free and used for food items. Canvas is sturdy, so it doesn’t get damaged during washes.
  • Canvas bags are very affordable to make. When making a promotional item one can search canvas bags wholesale online and they will get numerous options where they can print good quality canvas bags in numerous colors and designs.
  • Canvas bags are safe for the environment. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The fibers are natural and don't cause allergy in people.

Promotional items which are nature-friendly are heartily accepted by customers and reused several times rather than plastic items which are thrown away after a single use. A company caring about nature always cares about their customer.