Canvas Fabric And Its Application In Carry Bags January 22, 2021 08:00

Bags industry has seen tremendous innovation over the years with a number of fabrics being used in its manufacturing. Different fabrics meet different needs with their unique features and properties. These days, there is a huge upsurge in the use and demand of eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, jute, or canvas. They turn out to be the best bags with long-lasting feature while being soft on the environment.  While people are well aware of the cotton bags, there are a lot who still doubt about the application of canvas bags. So, let’s get to know about this fabric.


Bags are an important aspect of any business or household. Thus, this has embarked the arrival of canvas bags which are reusable and durable. These bags are available in the form of tote bags, shopping bag, market bag, wine bags and many other models. They serve as an easy carry function while you are out there running errands or even running a business. Since promotional activities are ahead in business lines, use of promotional enviro bags wholesale Australia are witnessing a huge rise, especially after the ban on plastic bags. Every type of business is readily opting for such bags to sell their products packed in these bags or present to their loyal customers as a giveaway.

Canvas Carry Bags Australia


Canvas bags are made after finely weaving the threads of natural fiber like cotton. Linen is also a preferred fabric for making these bags. These fabrics impart some particular properties to the bags like sturdiness and durability making them suitable for heavy-duty usage. Not only this, a little mixing in this fabric can make them richer in texture and look. For instance, if you mix cotton with synthetic fiber, they get a waterproof property and a weather resistant feature. This feature makes them the most appropriate material for any outdoor usage and is preferred by trekkers and other adventure enthusiasts.

One more thing is important here that the weaving of the threads of the fabric decides the quality of the canvas fabric. A loosely woven bag will look thin and is suitable to be used across shopping bags etc. However for backpacks, a tightly woven fabric is good.


Due to the increasing demand of canvas shopping bags in the world market, they are flooding the market with their different types. Some of these types of printed canvas bags are -

  1. Shopping bags – It is pretty clear from the name that what purpose these bags serve. These are very optimal part of our daily life and we are found to be surrounded by such bags inside our homes. These come in all sizes and are very handy and convenient to carry and shop around. You can find such bags with open end or with zippers as well.
  2. Backpacks- Canvas are also being used in backpacks because of their sturdy nature and suitability for outdoor usage. These are extremely light weight and are used to carry a lot of things. You can use these bags for school trips or college trips for a day or two. When back, they can easily be washing without worrying about the wear and tear of the bag.
  3. Embroidery bags – I am sure you have seen women carrying these sling bags along with them at every place. You must have also seen these bags in exhibitions or fairs. The reason for such popularity is because of the design these bags carry which makes it extremely unique to carry around and flaunt your style.
  4. Grocery bags – These are yet another common type of bags and people are using it extensively these days in place of the plastic carry bags. They are strong enough to carry heavy groceries. Bags with internal plastic lining are also suitable to carry vegetables or other perishable items.
  5. Library bags--- Stylish canvas bags are being used by students and other readers to visit their libraries. These days such bags come with a number of designs and patterns to lure the young users who are conscious about their looks. From small sized bags to large sized, they can be bought in bulk to be given to people as a giveaway. Customized canvas bags with business logo acts as the best promotional product in today’s world.
Canvas Bags Printed


There isn’t a limit to these types of bags and you can even get them personalized according to your needs. Such canvas carry bags in Australia or other parts of the world are gaining a huge popularity today. Thus, if you run a business and want to promote it as an ideal product, these canvas bags are the best fit to make you and your brand stand out.