Canvas Bags Versus Burlap Bags- Which Is The Difference? April 22, 2022 08:00

From retailers to consumers, everyone desires an eco-friendly solution. There is a trend of using sustainable products for daily purposes. You will also notice this trend in the world of bags. While browsing through the collection of the bag store, you can find products of different fabrics like canvas and burlap. But, consumers often feel confused when they need to choose between burlap and canvas. Both are cheap shopping bags that never harm the environment. Still, which one is the better choice for your needs? It is important to know the differences between these bags.

Burlap Bags Bulk

Basic details about burlap and canvas bags-

Burlap is derived from jute plants, and thus, it is an eco-friendly fabric used for bags. It inherits qualities of both cloth and wood due to the blend of cellulose and polymer in the stem. Although bag manufacturers use burlap, this fabric is best for making sacks, ropes, twine, and mats. 

It is easy to identify burlap due to the rustic look. Moreover, you will have a coarse feel when you touch the burlap. The super rough texture gives it an appeal. The manufacturing process also does not consume high power. Though burlap is a low-priced fabric, it is highly resilient. You can buy burlap sacks bulk for your retail businesses.  

On the contrary, the source of the canvas is hemp fibers. But, nowadays, canvas bag manufacturers use cotton canvas to design their products. A special knitting process helps in converting cotton to canvas. That is why canvas bags gain high durability. You can use tear-resistant bags for your daily purposes. Tents and clothing are also made of cotton canvas. 

The softly textured canvas is easy to customize. However, one of the major demerits is that it is costlier than burlap. The reason behind it is that the manufacturing procedure is much more time-consuming.

Comparison between canvas bags and burlap bags-

Look and feel-

Are you concerned about the aesthetics of your bags? Then, you can buy burlap bags wholesale. The charming and rustic feel makes these bags attractive. In most cases, burlap bags are available in beige colour.

But, some consumers claim that cotton canvas bags are more polished and refined. They have a professional look, and thus, you can choose them as your corporate giveaways. Your employees and customers will appreciate these eco-friendly gifts.

Affordability of your bags-

You may have thought of buying a bulk pack of tote bags for your corporate event and packaging. It is important to focus on your budget. Burlap bags and sacks are cheaper options, as we have already mentioned.

You can ask for a quote from a trusted seller.

Burlap Bags Wholesale

Customization opportunity-

As you like to buy bags for business purposes, there are several printing options. For instance, silk printing, screen printing, digital printing, and heat transfer are common ways to personalise your bags. These printing techniques are effective for both canvas and burlap bags bulk.

However, you will notice some differences in the result. Non-detailed prints like block printing can be the perfect choice for your burlap bags. On the contrary, cotton canvas provides you with a high-quality output.

As canvas has the potential to retain inks well, it ensures a long-lasting print. You will also find multiple printing options for your canvas bags. The fine weave makes the detailed designs and patterns look striking.

Types of burlap bags-

You can find burlap bags of varying styles that match your preferences. A rustic wine bag is perfect for gifting purposes. A bottle of wine can also be put into the long and slender burlap bags with drawstrings. You can customise the bag by displaying your brand name. Cool beach bags are also made of burlap.

Types of canvas bags-

Grocery bags made of cotton canvas can carry a heavy load without any risk of wear and tear. So, you may use them every day to carry different items. Some gym bags are also made of canvas. The sturdy bags bear the load of your small gym accessories.

As you have understood the differences between canvas and burlap bags, you can decide on the better one. Replace plastic carriers with these environmentally friendly bags

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