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Calico Bags Wholesale: Eco-friendly as well as Trendy

In modern times, jute bags serve both the purposes of making a style statement as well as keeping the environment free from plastic bags. These jute bags can never go out of fashion even though there are various other kinds of fabrics and unique designs. With the emerging mindset of keeping the environment clean, usage of jute bags are gaining popularity in the market and are considered as one of the best eco-friendly activity one can do.

Jute is one of the coarse fabrics which possess a very natural appeal. With the new techniques coming in, burlap bags or Calico bags wholesale have evolved which are of the finer quality of jute. These hessian bags consist of plain woven cloth out of a single yarn. There are various types of material used for these hessian bags, each one of which depends on what purpose the particular bag is going to serve. F or instance, wedding bags used for parties, ceremonies can be made out of smaller sizes whereas, the larger ones are beneficial for carrying large gifts and also can be used as elements for decorations.

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Jute bag types:

Jute bags are now found in various shapes, sizes, and colors. And also they can be used for various purposes like for office, party or shopping. A jute bag can have closures like that of a zipper, strings, etc. Jute manufacturers are quite active in experimenting and therefore came up with different kinds of jute bag. They are as follows.

  • Shopping bags
  • Promotional bags
  • Evening bags
  • Tote bags
  • Pouches

Jute shopping bags are generally found in larger sizes to serve the shopping purpose. They are very handy and do not wear out easily. The handle and the color vary according to the different shapes and sizes. These are also inexpensive and long lasting. One can get these bags in various designs like with stripes, prints and also in simple, plain, solid colored.

It also serves a great purpose for one to carry it in evening party these bags are mainly categorized under fancy bags: it can be a tote or even a pouch. These are decorated with sparkling stones, beads or even embroidered to enhance one’s look.

Different organizations use jute bags for promoting enterprises. There remain advertisements printed on the either side of jute bags: in the form of images, logo, etc.

Jute bags can also be used as gift items.

Jute bags Australia

Jute bags are 100% biodegradable and therefore can be recycled and reused once they get tattered. Jute bags are very much usable in Australia. In current times, many organizations of Australia are mainly using items made out of jute for their promotional events. There are reasons behind this acceptance of jute bags. They are as follows:

  • Relatively cheaper than any other fabric
  • Long lasting
  • Tough; hard-wearing and is capable of withstanding bad weather conditions.

Thus jute bags Australia are widely used because of its durability, efficiency and also its reliability. Jute bags, therefore, not only help in keeping the environment clean, but it also helps one to add the elements of style and fashion in the form of different jute bags (totes and pouches) to complete a glamorous yet sleek look.