Calico bags- Fabric, Usage And Benefits January 28, 2020 08:00

The world of bags has a lot to offer. From leather bags to plastic bags, calico carry bags, jute bags, cotton bags, and non-woven bags, there are a lot many designs, fabrics, and types. Likewise, their usage is also varied and implication in different types of requirements also varies. They are not only used personally in every household, but also find commercial usage across businesses and industries. Among all these businesses of bags and their high utility, the calico bags have secured a very specific place. They are widely being preferred by all, especially after the ban on plastic bags. Let’s get to know what these bags are and why they are so popular among the users. 

Calico bags – The nature of the Fabric

Hailed as a wonder material, modern Calico fabric is finding widespread usage as a material for constructing bags and carriage products. Calico, essentially a plain-woven textile is woven from cotton fibers, and therefore, completely natural. Hence, calico carry bags originate from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibers and present a coarse and rough fabric. In addition, bags fashioned from Calico enjoy cheap commercial rates owing to the unfinished nature of the fabric. The material tends to have a cream or grey-tinged finish, making it the perfect base for dyeing and printing.

Calico Carry Bags

Calico Bags - Appeal to customer sensibilities

The light and airy fabric has emerged as a material of choice for building a variety of carry bags for shopping, storage, and carriage. Modern markets offer personalized calico bags as a means to boost usage by individual customers. These mass-produced products can be colorful artistic expressions that bear custom colors, the images and initials of buyers and users, and portray murals and landscapes printed using a variety of natural dyeing products. It is significant that Calico was originally hand-printed by artisans and finished with ornate designs. In modern times, buyers can print Calico fabric using custom printing devices that output a classic look.

Widespread usage

Different versions of Calico bags can be created in custom or popular sizes. These products represent a sharp contrast to plastic carry bags that remain non-biodegradable and present a threat to the earth's natural environment. Shoppers, salesmen, travelers, picnic makers, home makers, students, regular customers at shopping malls, etc. represent the maximum number of users of Calico bags. In addition, calico reusable bags have emerged as a staple in organic products shops, ecologically conscious businesses, and upscale boutiques. These outlets are instrumental in promoting the widespread use of Calico carriage products.

Benefits of Calico bags

  1. The fact that such bags present zero threat to the natural environment represents the primary benefit of Calico bags. This fact encourages regional and national governments to widely promote the use of such bags among modern consumers. In addition, calico bags Perth offer a new platform to express personal style in public spaces; intricate designs and eye-catching colors printed on calico bags enable the modern consumer to project a style statement without harming the natural environment. Further, since Calico bags are fashioned from cotton, commercial operators can bring to market an unending stream of these products, thus expanding the concept of consumer choice. 
  1. Calico bags are washable products, hence can be re-used by consumers. The bio-degradable attributes of the core material implies fewer threats to the natural environment when such bags are cast aside at the end of their useful lives. Consumers also benefit from the long endurance of such bags since they can re-use these products for a long time. In addition, the ability of these products to carry artistic works encourages a range of artists to design their works for printing the wide sides of calico bags and similar products. 
  1. These are the perfect promotional items as they not only meet the purpose of providing carriage to the customers, but also do subtle brand promotion. Instead of selling products in plastic bags which are thrown out to pollute the nature, these bags are re-used by the customers. so, now in place of providing free and expensive plastic bags, businesses can give a durable calico bag to their customers once as a means of brand promotion. This will also build the practice of carrying a reusable bag everyone someone goes out to shop. And everyone someone uses a branded calico bag, rest assured to get visibility by lot many people who come across the bag. 

Promotional Calico Bags

Calico bags are the same, but they become special when get personalized with a brand name, company’s logo, or a design that speaks your mind. These days, the use of ecobags as a promotional item has increased significantly owing to their greater demand. Also, carrying these bags means that you are conscious about your nature and this practice builds reputation as well.

Personalized Calico Bags

As a business owner or a marketing person, you can also use a calico bag to promote your brand in any suitable occasion. Various sizes of the bags are available, so you need to choose the right size which goes well your products. Once the size of the bag is decided, next remains the choice of color. Mostly these bags are found in natural colors and white color. However, these days manufacturers are also experimenting with different colors like red, blue, maroon, and more.

To customize calico bags with your brand logo, a plain color is suggested that can reflect your brand well. The white background will reflect the colors of your logo well making it visible even from a distance. You can also choose to have an attractive quote on the bag that can make people look back at the bag and at your brand name. Such incidents leave impression in the mind of people and remind them of your name whenever they need something that you are offering. 

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