Calico Bags Bulk February 2, 2018 22:21

Impressive ball of cotton to hold your stuff

The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing about cotton is our summer apparels. Summer is the time when you are fed up with the heat, and the only quality cloth that you can wear comfortably is the cotton clothes. Cotton is not only limited to making clothes but is in usage in a lot more than that. One such use is in the manufacturing of Calico Bags Bulk.

Calico is a plain-woven textile that is made from unbleached cotton which is not often fully processed. Muslin is a type or a by-product of cotton that is made by separating husk from the cotton, but the calico is an intermediate part of the muslin and the canvas. It is less coarse than canvas or denim. It has an undyed and unfinished appearance.

History of Calico Bags Bulk

The calico fabric was originally from the city of Calicut discovered in the 11th century from where it got its name as “Calico.” It was known as “Caliyan” to their natives. By the 15th century, Calico made its way from Gujrat to Egypt and trade with Europe started from the 17th century onwards. It is made by weaving Surat cotton for both the warp and weft.

Calico Bags Bulk is made from this product. They are made of the cotton fabric with prints or patterns all over it. Calico Bags Bulk are very durable and light. They are not thin and makes it a great use for painting and printing on it. They are washable and made from 100% cotton and reusable thus making it a great environment-friendly product. Calico bags Bulk is widely used in various parts of the country.

They are cross stitched from inside and are made into a sack format which makes it very durable and strong to carry things. These bags that are made from the cotton are very light thus making it easier to carry when there is nothing inside it. These are easily foldable and handy. One can easily put it in a pocket while going shopping and while returning it will be able to carry all your stuff.

The Calico bags are specifically made to carry less number of things and also consumes the least amount of space. The calico product came to picture with the woolen industry during the 18th century when India was under British rule. During that period it fell into prey of the politics of the cotton. The usage of calico was increasing all over the world, and it took most of the market of the woolen products that English merchants used to manufacture. Since India was under British power that time, the calico industry had to face the major setback for passing a law against the usage of the calico cloth. The change in demand pattern has a major loss to the Indian economy. But the calico still has found its way till now and are popular in the world for its simple yet magnificent use.