Calico Bags Australia April 7, 2017 19:41

Calico bags and its advantage as a promotional item

The market has taken a turn on reusable bags, and everyone is selling some kind of it. Reusable bags are great for everyday purpose, and they need to be adopted by every home who are thinking of living healthily. Plastic has been proved to be harmful to human beings and also for the planter, yet we see plastic everywhere, from supermarkets to our homes plastic has congested up everything. Plastic is very costly to recycle and hard to destroy so it is dumped in landfills which can take years to break down. The product that remains after plastic breaking down is simply toxic and harmful for everybody. So, bags like Calico bags can be used as alternatives to traditional plastic bags.

Calico bags are not only safe for the environment, but even they can make one look fashionable. We often imagine cotton materials to be dull and plain but thanks to technology it isn’t like that anymore. Calico bags can come in different varieties in an array of colors. They can have different motifs or have a favorite quote written on it which makes it very voguish. Health conscious people and people of the zero-waste movement are constantly using them and have made them anything but boring.

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What is Calico made of?

Calico is an unbleached and under-processed cotton material which is yellowish or off-white in color. It is a rougher material than wholly processed cotton used for clothing. Calico made from organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers and doesn’t include toxic chemicals in the process of manufacturing. It is an inexpensive material and can be found almost everywhere. Calico is derived from the cotton plant making it 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is quite sturdy and can be used to carry heavy materials in daily life.

Using Calico Bags for promotion

Calico bags are a cheap option for promoting brands or companies. Companies can easily search the internet to find calico bags wholesale in their vicinity and can order then at a low price. Brands can easily distribute them to customers in their stores like a bookstore or a grocery store as an alternative to plastic bags. Choosing the best options are the key, like brightly printed calico bags or pastel color bags which should be in fashion at the moment. The bags should also include the company information’s, and they should be prominent for others to see. A company using eco-friendly products are more reliable for the customers because of the awareness they create.

Your bags can be used in daily chore like going to the gym, for carrying grocery to home or taking books to college. The sturdy bags will be used every time, and it will promote your brand or company all the while. Choose a style that will be comfortable and organic is the best way to go. Cotton bags Australia can be found on online sites and provide customers or clients with greener option will help you gain more loyal followers and create a greater awareness for making society green and safe for the upcoming children.