Calico Bags January 29, 2018 16:56

The Versatility of the Calico Bags

 The calico bags are available in different sizes and shapes, and they are employed for not only the general purposes but also the industrial purposes. Calico is a woven textile that is manufactured from the unbleached and half processed cotton. The fabric is finer than muslin and thicker than Denim on Canvas. This material is comparatively cheaper because of the undyed and the unfinished appearance. This material was woven by the weavers who were known as the Caliyans. The fabric would be dyed and printed in bright colors. That is how calico became famous. The use of plastic bags has been banned in many places. The organic movements are becoming popular, and the industries are opting for the reusable bags like the Calico bags.


All about the Calico Bags

 The most famous packaging item that can be reused is the calico bags. All the industries are looking for wrapping parcels or bags that will help them carry their stuff from one location to another. The calico bags have proved to be perfectly useful for these people. Calico bags are made of an extremely durable and tough fiber which is neutral colored and scentless. It is made up of cotton or jute. Calico bags are mostly famous for the history that they have which is dated back to the mid-1700s.


The fabric is well known for the off-white color that it has, and it also has a rough texture. The bag is used for storing or transporting the mercantile goods like spices, legumes, and tea. The calico bags are also used as an important choice by the millinery. The bags are even used by some people for caring clothes. It is true that the use of the calico bags has been replaced by the synthetic alternatives that are present. But most people prefer using these bags as they are made up of pure fiber, and they are biodegradable.


It does not matter how tough, light or airy the calico bags are. These bags remain an important choice for storing and transporting materials for importing and shipping tea, coffee and various other kinds of perishable goods that require a proper means of transport and storage. The other kinds of bags are air-tight. These bags do not allow the materials stored within to breathe. On the other hand, the calico bags are extremely breathable and protect the goods from the ruinous environment. The products like tea or coffee were sufficiently aerated which did not allow them to get spoiled or become moldy.


The calico bags were initially very large and looked like sacks. With the starting of the organic movement, the bags were redesigned and were made available in different sizes, shapes, and colors so that anyone could use them. With the introduction of the calico bags, the people do not have to use the non-biodegradable or the flimsy plastic bags. Calico bags have become an important part of the shops that are organic and ecologically conscious. These bags are found in different designs in the upscale boutiques.