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Reusable Bags should be in vogue

As the world is adopting the mantra of going green, we are facing difficulties of exchanging those plastic products that clutter our houses. Through numerous studies, it has been proved that plastic is harmful to the world and for our body. Doctors are repeatedly telling us not to use aplastic container for storing food and also not to use plastic bags. Plastic bags clog drains and plastic garbage thrown into oceans cause harm in marine flora and fauna. The Government and several institutions are banning plastic in their states and urging the whole world to use reusable bags like calico bags and other wares out of reusable and safe products.

Reusable Bags

We all know that plastic bags can be reused but they are harmful to our body and earth so we should look at safer reusable options. Reusable bags are made out of cotton or jute or from non-woven materials. They can be used for a long period of time and once worn out can easily decompose into the soil because of them being biodegradable. Reusable bags are sturdy and can carry lots of groceries. They have a longer life cycle than any plastic bag due to being made out of natural fibers and strong bonds. Reusable bags leave almost no carbon footprint while disintegrating. They are fun to look at when dyed in different colors and adorned with quirky prints.

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Why should everybody adorn Reusable Bags?

We are often times aloof what the harmful things do to us. Even people can be skeptical about the usage of reusable bags like hessian bags because they think plastic is all right but let us see how reusable bags are better:

  • Plastic is very hard to decompose in a landfill. Most of our unrecyclable plastic wastes are dumped into landfills or incinerated. Both are very bad for the soil. Whereas reusable bags like cotton or calico bags have plant fibers in them which are 100% biodegradable and they mix with the soil to make it more nutritious.
  • Plastic bags cannot decompose in thesoil, but with time they can break through photo degeneration with the help of light, the heat produces toxic chemicals which are left on the earth and cause harm to the atmosphere. Cotton or jute are plant fibers so they are natural and cannot be toxic.
  • Numerous birds, sea turtles, and even land animals die due to ingesting plastic by blocking their airway. Many fishes get caught up and die in the plastic jungles. If we reuse bags, then this scene can be altered.
  • Plastic is leading to depletion of petroleum products which are non-renewable. Plants like jute grow in abundance without much cost, so the products like bags do not cost much to
  • A reusable bag’s lifespan can be as much as 1000 plastic shopping bags.

Reusable bag usage can cause awareness among people who aren’t aware of the dangers of plastic. Cheap jute bags in Australia can be found online, and one can custom print them to make it a promotional item or to use as gift bags to create a better society.