Calico Bag Australia February 6, 2018 21:57

Customise your favorite bag from Calico Bag Australia

Calico is a plain-woven textile that is made from unbleached cotton which is not often fully processed. Muslin is a type or a by-product of cotton that is made by separating husk from the cotton, but the calico is an intermediate part between the muslin and the canvas. It is less coarse than canvas or denim. It has an undyed and unfinished appearance.

The calico fabric was originally from the city of Calicut discovered in the 11th century from where it got its name as “Calico.” It was known as “Caliyan” to their natives. Later on, it gained its importance, and in Australia, there is an online website called the Calico Bags Australia which delivers Calico bags over the country.

Calico Bags Australia has started its operation way back in the year 2005 and offers various types of the calico bag with plenty of prints and design to choose from along with different types of handles of the bag. The use of calico bags is environment-friendly, and it replaces the plastic bags which have been used for quite a long. This company believes in healthier and greener earth.  Carrying this bag also shows your concern towards making the world a better place to live.

What does Calico Bags Australia do?

  • They have a range of environment-friendly bags, and you can the shape, size of the bag that will suit your purpose.
  • You can choose the color you want and the kind of print or design you would want to be printed.
  • They take bulk orders of around five hundred or more if you want to give the bags as a form of promotional event or in any conference or meeting.
  • They send free samples to the customers in case they do not feel sure to how the end product will be or doubtful about the material.
  • The design is screen printed with the customized logo or any message on the bag. It provides with the replica in all the bags useful in bulk orders.
  • They provide visual mockup to the customers of how the finished product is expected to look like.

If you are a citizen of Australia and are searching for cheap calico bags, Calico Bags Australia is the right destination for you. They deliver to the customers like in school, college, libraries, retailers, companies. They also deliver simple, undecorated calico bags in case if you are creative and would want to make your design with simple paint or other material like embroidery or sewing of buttons into a form of artwork design.

The calico bags are very sturdy and durable as they are cross stitched from inside and are made into a sack format which makes it easy to carry heavy weight things like books or groceries. These bags that are made from the cotton are very light and are easily foldable and handy. You can use it as a fashion statement as there are plenty of designs.