Calico- A Brief Glance At The History And Uses February 4, 2022 08:00

Have you noticed modern consumers carrying calico bags for their everyday shopping purposes? These days with growing environmental concern, people are turning to things that are ecofriendly and safe for everyone. In the use of bags as well, manufacturers have come with a variety of options and users have readily accepted these options as their daily use product. Calico bags are one such product high in demand these days. If you are in Australia looking for such a bag, then Calico tote bags Australia are available at a very reasonable rate. However, you can notice calico everywhere, from artists’ canvasses to curtains and pillows. But, very few consumers know about the fabric, its varied uses and demand as a shopping bag.

Calico Tote Bags Australia

Learn about the history of calico-

Calico is one of the oldest available fabrics with a long history. British discovered the fabric while reigning in India. The word ‘calico’ has come from the term ‘Calicut’- the name of a city.

During the 12th century, the author Hemachandra mentioned the word- Calico. He claimed it to be a printed fabric, and Calicut earned fame for producing the fabric. Weavers designed calico with the use of Surat cotton, which is durable and cheap.

When it was the 15th century, the fabric became prevalent in North Africa and Egypt. There was also a beginning of the trade with Europe. Today, several countries, including Australia, know about calico.

Originally, the hand-printing technique was chosen to customise calico. Designers also create ornate designs for the finish. However, nowadays, you may print the calico fabric on your own. For instance, you can choose bulk buy calico bags Australia and invest in custom printing solutions. The combination of classic bags and modern styles can draw the attention.

From old times to modern times, this fabric has retained its demand for various usages. Today also, we see them in varied usages.

More about the uses of calico-

Calico bags are highly useful as eco-friendly packaging items. They are neutral-coloured bags with high sturdiness. The fabric is also free from any scent, and thus, foods stored in the calico bags will be safe. Although you could trace the use of calico during 1700's, it has become popular in recent years.

The fabric is generally off-white, and it is bleached to retain the white color. It has a rough surface and a heavy weave. Initially, sacks were the most common bags designed with calico. Merchants and vendors like to use the bags to store spices, legumes, tea, and other items. Moreover, calico is a raw material used for designing working clothes.

As calico is light and airy, it is the perfect choice for your bags. The breathable fabric can keep your foods safe from getting spoiled. Wholesale calico bags are not airtight, and thus, they do not create a damaging environment for your foods.

Chintz, also known as printed calico fabric, is available in a range of designs like arabesque and floral styles. Designers can create resilient clothes with the highly attractive fabric- calico.

They are widely used for transporting and carrying bulk grocery and agricultural produce. Most of the suppliers look for personalized or logo printed calico bags which is quiet easy to do in these bags. Mostly available in natural color, they are easy to print in plain dark color. You would find a number of established suppliers offering a range of bags in different sizes along with logo printing services.

This history of Calico is still in the making with a number of innovative products coming in the market. The biggest drive for us to use this product is its eco-friendly nature.

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Use calico in different creative ways-

While buying plain bags wholesale, you may have chosen calico and other reusable materials. You can use them for several purposes. For instance, you can convert your old calico bags into pillowcases. With minimal effort for stitching the fabric, you may reuse the calico bag.

Another option for you is to create rugs with your calico bags. The decorative bags can become beautiful rugs. Thus, there is no need to throw away the fabric, and you may use it for several years.

If you are not good at DIY, offer the bags for recycling by properly discarding it instead of throwing in the garbage. This will not only save the resources but also be good for the environment and less damaging to it.

Explore a wide collection of Calico Bags online to find the best quality bags at the most competitive rates. However, for any bulk orders, you must find out any reputed supplier of promotional bags who offer customization services as well. Request for a preview before placing the bulk order and check the design. Order at wholesale prices and get delivered to your doorstep.