Buy Plain Jute Bags And Paint Them To Make More Attractive May 27, 2022 08:00

Are you looking for the best accessories that match your summer dress? Fashionable bags can become the most valuable accessories for every consumer. Nowadays, modern consumers prefer using jute bags to create a fashion statement. You do not need to make a big investment in jute bags wholesale. But, you can claim that plain jute bags look much boring. That is why you can paint those bags and personalise them in different ways. Painting can add decorative accents to your bags. However, what paints should you choose for your plain jute bags?

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Oil Paints

With oil paints, it is easy to blend different colors. However, one demerit of oil paint is that it takes a longer time to dry the oil paint. You need to prepare the material to prevent the paint from sipping into the interiors of your bag. But, this paint can affect the original quality of your jute fabrics.

Oil paints are waterproof, and you can create timeless designs with them. You can apply oil paints to your custom jute bags.

Acrylic Craft Paints-

One of the best characteristics of acrylic paints is that it has a good binding potential. These paints already have the combination of multiple colours. That is why there is no need to be concerned about the application of the right shades. Those who think of customising their jute bags for the first time can rely on these paints. The fast drying time is an added advantage of these bags. You can add crisp lines and more than one layer to the design. 

The water-resistant acrylic paints do not get damaged when you soak the bag in water. However, with time, the paint can fade away, and you may need to apply the new paint to your jute bag.

Spray Paints

The spray paint is another option for decorating your jute bags. However, you may face several challenges while painting the jute bags with spray paints. Still, these paints are the best choice for personalising your bag. The most important thing is that the distance between the spray can and the jute fabric should be at least 12 to 18 inches. It is the right technique for painting your jute bags with spray paints.

Spray the paint lightly and manage thin layers. You can also place a cardboard on your jute bag to create sharp lines with paints. After the removal of the object, you will find highly precise designs.

Water Colours

You can repurpose old jute bags by painting them with watercolours. Although these colours serve your purpose, they are not much popular. The versatile watercolours enable you to create abstract paintings. However, you can avoid using watercolours for having crisp and sharp lines. Regular cleansing of bags can cause the colours to fade away.

Latex Paints

With a higher colour-retention capacity, latex paints are best for personalising your jute gift bags wholesale. In case of oil paints, the design may have cracks after getting hardened. But, you will not find this issue with your latex paints. You can fold the bags without having concerns about damage. Moreover, there are different finishes of these paints.

It is essential to apply the paint based on the thickness of the jute bag. To paint the thinner jute totes, foam rollers are the perfect choice. On the contrary, bigger brushes are effective for thicker bags. You can also choose between gloss and semi-gloss finish. The brighter sheen makes your bag more attractive.

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Chalk Paints-

 Most commonly, furniture surfaces are painted with chalk paints. Your bags with have a chalky appearance with these paints. But, chalk paints get damaged easily. That is why you need to be careful while dealing with the painted bags.

Still, this paint is best for starters, as there is no need for preparation. It is a time-saving solution, and you will get the best outcome. Make sure that the surface of your jute bag is clean.

It is good to apply paints to show your creativity. However, to have a professional look, you can invest in wholesale tote bags with logo. Bag designers will print your bags with screen printing and other techniques that provide a long-lasting solution.

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