Best Ways To Customize A Canvas Bag April 30, 2021 08:00

With environmental awareness rising, people are shifting from using single-use plastic bags to eco-friendly versions of reusable bags like cotton, jute and canvas tote bags. Canvas Tote bags wholesale are budget friendly, temperature controlled and are easy to customize as well. With various ways to reimage a plain canvas tote bag, this cheap tote bag can turn into a masterpiece with few right hacks. People are using many DIY techniques to customize their old and used bags to make them look better. Even manufacturers are deploying a number of ways to customize the blank canvas bags to make it suitable for brand promotion needs. That is why business marketers, advertisers, and brand promoters go with manufacturers who offer complementary customization for their promotional needs.

Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

In this article, we will be listing how you can transform your dull, boring accessory into something fashionable and worth flaunting. Not only this, let’s also explore how these plain bags can be customized for business promotional needs with logo printing.

DIY Stamping

Stamping from vegetables is a common craft activity that is practiced in every preschool with toddlers and can be put to use here as well. Choose a design that you like and carve it in a half-cut potato. Paint the stamp and play it all over your canvas bags perth using the stamp. There are various designs like flowers, anchors, fruits like watermelon and pineapple that look super cute on a bag. This would work best if you wish to give your bag a new leash of life when it gets old.

Gold Foil Design

If you own reusable shopping bags wholesale with logo, then this is a cool way to recreate your canvas tote bag. Using iron on a foil can completely transform the look of the bag and hide the business logo as well if you were planning to do so. You can play with designs like heart, star, flowers and whatnot. Just being a little creative can add that metallic shine to your dull bag.

Fabric petals

Another way to recreate canvas bags wholesale Australia is by cutting fabric flower petals from different colored fabrics and stitching or gluing them using fabric glue. This completely transforms the look of the bag, making it fashionable.

Polka Dots

For beginners to DIY, the simplest yet most trending idea is decorating your canvas tote bag with polka dots. Use fabric or acrylic colors to do this DIY. Dip the end of a pencil or brush in the paint and stamp them on the bag on consistent gaps. This classic never goes out of style and looks trendy as well. You can choose to play with a combination of colours and can even keep it retro with a single colour as well.

Tie and Dye

To give your canvas bags a colorful transformation, tie the front of the bag in several knots at different intervals and add liquid food coloring. Let it to dry and your colorful tie and dye canvas bag will be ready. Check out various techniques of tie and dye online for design inspiration.

Add a patch

Various patches are available in the market and can be stitched to any old bag. Use a playful patch and add to the center of the front of the bag and your stylish bag is ready to go.

Various techniques can be experimented with to change the look of your bag and can be played with creativity at different levels. It is up to you how you want to make the best use out of it. 

 Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

Customization for business needs

Canvas bags can be effectively customized with your business logo for many promotional needs. You can either get it simply screen-printed with your logo or based on the occasion or event, you can some text printed on the bags. During festive seasons, long weekends, new year, or any other special event, choose to distribute bags with your logo among the customers or your prospects.

The plain bags or the natural color bags will reflect your logo well, but if you are buying any colored or printed bag, then a lot of consideration is needed while getting your logo printed on it. Preferrable, some portion of the bag on the top or at the bottom should be left plain to accommodate your logo. The design or print can be at the central part of the bag. The bags are usually wide enough to provide ample space for logo printing, so it would not be a problem for you with canvas bag customization.

Experienced suppliers of promotional bags would suggest you the best options of customization so that your logo gets noticed well.

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