Are Cotton Shopping Bags Safe For Your Health And The Environment? May 10, 2022 08:00

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged several consumers to go online for shopping daily. But, not every buyer is accustomed to this shopping habit. Some shoppers visit the local stores to buy groceries. Of course, they need to use bags to carry these groceries. So, which bags should they choose for this purpose? Retailers have invested in cotton shopping bags wholesale and offer these promotional gifts to customers. However, are these reusable bags safe for your health?

Cotton Shopping Bags Wholesale

Do cotton bags spread contaminants?

Reusable cotton shopping totes have gained popularity in recent years. Potential germs in the bags can cause further problems. So, it is highly important to wash these reusable bags regularly. Only 3% of consumers clean these bags regularly.

A scientific study has revealed the regular use of cloth bags causes the accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, as these totes are used for carrying the groceries, they can result in the contamination of your foods. So, you have to wash your vegetables before cooking them. Washing the grocery helps in the reduction of bacteria by 99%.

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of reusable grocery bags and prevent the risk of foodborne diseases.

  • Clean your totes once every 2 weeks. A solution of detergent and hot water will be highly effective in killing germs. It is also better to use bleach for the bag cleaning cycle and minimise the bacterial growth.
  • You can choose separate bags to store raw vegetables, fruits, and raw meat. It will enable you to avoid cross-contamination of the bag’s content.
  • It is better to pack your raw meat in a disposable bag and then put it into your reusable cloth bag.
  • When the bags are not in use, you can store them in a dry and cool place. Your car is not the right place to leave your bags. The car interior has a high temperature, and thus, your bags have bacterial growth. 

In fact, bags are not the only option for maintaining safety and hygiene. Government has imposed some social distancing guidelines that should be followed by everyone. Consumers have to put on the face mask and other protective gear to fight against the deadly virus. Most importantly, they have to stick to the no-touch rules to maintain hygiene. 

Are cotton bags safe for environment?

Regardless of the type of bag used by you, the major importance is in the way of using it. Eat less meat and buy locally-produced groceries to lower environmental effects. Your house may have plastic bags and cotton tote bags bulk. However, you must not throw them away until they have fallen apart. You can also use your old bag as a garbage bag. There are several ways of reusing these bags to save the environment. 

So, it is now clear how wholesale reusable shopping bags are safe for everyone. However, you can find several other reasons for choosing cotton bags.

  • Cotton totes are available in a range of styles-

Nowadays, there are no limitations on design options while shopping for reusable bags. Transparent plastic bags can show the printed logo of your brand. However, your customers will not use them for years. That is why you can choose cotton bags as the alternative.

You will find these modern cotton bags in a variety of shapes and prints. But, you may also place an order for custom-printed cotton shopping bags. However, solid-coloured bags with a minimalistic are also preferable for several consumers. Choose the size of your bags and add a personalised message. It is the best way of customising a bag. 

Cotton Tote Bag

  • Cotton bags have a high level of strength-

Thicker cotton fabrics ensure that your bags will last long. Thus, cotton bags are more durable than paper and plastic carriers. Although they cost slightly higher, they will give you the desired value in the long run. On the contrary, plastic bags can be used 1 to 2 times, and then, they will show signs of damages. For this reason, you can replace your plastic carriers with the cotton bags.

Look for an online store to buy your cotton tote bag. Other designs of bags are also available in reusable models. So, save the environment and protect your health with these bags.

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