An Eco-Bag Is Always A Good Option For Grocery Shopping April 13, 2021 08:00

Grocery shopping is something that is repetitive in every household around the globe and this article aims to reduce the worst choices of grocery bags that can be helpful to the user and the environment as well. While single-use plastic bags come in handy while shopping for your daily needs, they are extremely hazardous to the environment and this is why many governments have banned the use of plastic in their respective countries. In Australia also, the government has taken several steps to curb the environmental pollution and the wastes that are being disposed in the sea water. One of these steps include reduction in plastic use. Many businesses, small or large, are also participating in this drive by offering eco-bags to their customers to reduce their repetitive use of plastic.

Carrying a good quality grocery bag while you are shopping is a good idea, as it prevents the use of one-time plastic and hence reduces wastage that is being disposed in the sea.

Promotional Grocery Bags

With the environmental awareness rising, many supermarket brands provide printed reusable grocery bags while you are shopping with them. These bags that they provide are made up of either jute, cotton, canvas, or hessian. All these materials offer sturdy built of the bags and are environmentally friendly. Many times, they are offered as a complementary gift to every shopper, however, a few of the marketers offer them as a gift on certain amount of purchase, on festive occasions, in sale season or on long weekends.

It is always a good idea for a business to purchase cloth grocery bags wholesale and get them printed with the business logo.This helps in saving on the cost, as the rates are cheaper for wholesale and promote the brand as well. There are various websites online that provide bulk tote bags that can be customized as per the specific needs of the business.

We are listing reasons why you should consider eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping below:

  • Strong Built: These bags are made using materials like cotton, jute, and canvas that offer sturdy built when compared to paper bags or one-time plastic bags. These bags save you from unfortunate accidents like tears and scrapping as they are made to hold the weight of the regular staples efficiently. They protect against the build of harmful bacteria in them as well when compared to plastic bags.
  • Eco-Friendly Fabrics:These fabrics that are used for production are completely recyclable and biodegradable. They offer long time sustainability and are healthy for the planet too. When not in use or when these bags get old, they can easily be decomposed or recycled causing less harm to the nature.
  • Brand Promotion: Promotional grocery bags are among the popular choices for businesses, as these fabrics are easily printable. One can print their business logo on three size variants of the bag-small, medium and It is easy to customize them and quirky elements can be added to the design to uplift the entire look. Moreover, the large size of the bag provides ample space to print any size logo. For more creative advertising, brands can choose to get their tag line or some effective punch lines printed on the bag for advertisement.
  • Lightweight Design:Grocery bags that are made up of fabric are extremely lightweight and are easy to carry along. They can be conveniently folded and added to the purse and taken out as and when required. When not in use, they can be folded and kept inside a cupboard.
  • UV Safe:Plastic bags when exposed to sunlight can tend to heat up and emit harmful chemicals. These chemicals can stick up the groceries like fruits and can be extremely dangerous for consumption. Using cloth grocery bags does not have any such problems and is safe to carry daily essential items.
  • Washable: The fabric bags are made of natural fibres which are safe and easy to use at home. They can be sun-dried and kept in wardrobes without any fear of wear and tear. Since the bags are made of fabrics, their material gets dirty. Due to groceries or vegetables kept inside, it can get stained or untidy. So, wash it regularly and keep clean.

There are numerous options available online and offline to buy bulk tote bags that can be printed as per the business needs. These are a great way to promote and offer safe shopping solutions to the consumers. They are extremely economical when bought in bulk and are easy to personalize as well.

Cloth Grocery Bags Wholesale

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