Advantages And Limitations Of Using A Jute Bag February 25, 2022 08:00

Known as golden fibre, jute is a commonly chosen fabric for designing bags. It is also the cheapest fibre obtained from the skin of the plant. That is why jute gift bags wholesale are available at a lower price.

Jute plants grow in humid and warm regions, and today, you can find an increasing use of jute bags for several purposes.

Jute Grocery Bags

What are the advantages of using these jute bags?

  • High durability-

Jute fibres have a high strength, and that’s why they are spun into coarse yarns. Jute grocery bags have a sturdy design, and they are capable of carrying a heavy load. You can replace your flimsy plastic carrier with jute bags. The straps of these bags are also made of jute. With reinforced stitches, these bags do not tear away easily. You may also buy highly resilient jute drawstring bags Melbourne for different storage needs.

  • Eco-friendly bags-

Eco-friendliness is one of the major reasons for choosing jute bags. Jute needs minimal water to survive, and cultivators do not use chemicals for its growth. Moreover, the plant takes 4 to 6 months to get matured.

Furthermore, jute bags are biologically degradable, and the degradation process takes around 1 to 2 years. Jute decomposition does not cause adverse environmental effects.

However, while looking for eco-friendly bags, you can find several other alternatives. For instance, printed cloth bags do not harm the environment and are useful for your everyday needs.

  • Fashionable look-

Some consumers claim that jute bags have a neutral design with a boring look. But, it is not true, as the bag manufacturers try to make their products more aesthetically pleasing.

Jute gift bags wholesale have an attractive design that matches everyone’s tastes and preferences. You may also customise these bags with unique prints and patterns. The color jute bags have a fashionable choice for several modern consumers. With gender-neutral designs, jute totes are perfect for both men and women.

Moreover, as jute bags are customisable with prints, you can use them for promotional purposes. Lots of retailers have started investing in these recyclable bags for their customers.

Today, you will find a range of options, including jute sling bags, lunch bags, and jute laptop bags.

What are the demerits of using these jute bags? 

  • Not crease-resistant-

You can find creases when you fold the empty jute bags for storage purposes. Your bags may look old. That is why you must keep the bags in a proper place while it is not in use.

  • Longevity- Lower than canvas-

You may have found jute bags much sturdy. However, the canvas is more durable while compared to jute. It is one of the limitations of this natural fibre. Still, you can use jute models for regular purposes.

  • Not washable-

Jute fibres may lose strength while they get wet. That is why you cannot clean your jute bags with water. But, hygiene is important for using your jute carriers. Dirt can contaminate your grocery and other edible items. 

How long can you use your jute bags?

Jute is recyclable and biodegradable, and that is the real benefit of using this fabric. Most users have found that the properly maintained jute bags last up to 4 years. So, you may use the bags more than 30 to 40 times. On the contrary, plastic bags would be discarded after a single use. In fact, a jute bag replaces more than 600 disposable plastic carriers.

Jute Gift Bags Wholesale

But, the way you use your jute bag can make a difference in longevity. Do not wet your bag too much, and never put it in your washing machine. When the bag gets wet due to rainwater, you have to dry it out.

Reuse your jute bags and save the environment-

There are several ways of reusing your old and damaged jute bags. For instance, you can cut out your printed jute bag and use it as your wall décor. Small drawstring jute bags are reusable as coffee bags. Moreover, you may create a pet bed with your jute bag. Some users fill the jute bags with soil and plant flowers in them. You can find several other ways of upcycling your jute bags.

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